If you have looked in the mirror latelyand feel bored, boring and boring, then we come to your rescue! One way to fix your hair problem are hair highlights. Highlights are a stylish way to try a new color. They are easier to care for than the entire color, and the new color will lighten your hair. To inspire you, we have put together 23 of the most beautiful hair highlights ideas for you. You will find highlights for dark hair and light hair and there are also some bold colors.

1. Beautiful blonde highlights

First, we have this beautiful blonde hairstyle aroundTo show you. The color under the highlights is pretty dark and the light blonde color has been added to the top. Although the blonde is light, it adapts to the darker hue and gives a natural-looking hairdo. Hair like this would be perfect for the summer as you get a sun-kissed look.

: @stilbymaddy

2. Purple Hair Idea

If you are brave and completeHair transformation, you should consider lively highlights like these. Here we have dark hair with additional purple tones. As you can see, the purple highlights look stunning and really lift the hair. Dark purple like this is best for hair colors like black or brown. Other hair colors should have a lighter shade.

: @haarbybrii __

3. Nice brown highlights

Next, we have a chic and subtleIdea. For this look, the hair is very dark and it was added light brown highlights. Highlights like these are perfect for tired hair that just needs a lift. This is a great hairstyle for ladies who want a stylish and easy-to-wear hair.

: @haarbybrii __

4. Warm copper highlights

Spice up your hair with warm highlights likethis. The hair under the highlights is held in a beautiful shade of brown and the actual highlights are held in a dark copper tone. This is a beautiful hair idea and the color would be perfect for the fall and winter. Highlights like these match brown and red hair colors.

: @stilbymaddy

5. Trendy Highlighted Bob

Our next hair idea is characterized by atrendy cut and a trendy color. Here we have a short dark bob with additional blond highlights. There are not that many highlights, so the blonde color is pretty subtle. If you want a bolder look, just add more blonde. This is a beautiful hairstyle and both the cut and the color are perfect for the summer. Of course you can try a bob like this with every hair and highlight the color.

: @ alexa.hamilton.hair

6. Highlights in copper

The next hairstyle we need to show youis fiery and courageous. For this look, the hair is dark red in color and highlighted coppery. The copper tone used is quite bright, so the hair makes a statement. It's a beautiful color combination and highlights like these are perfect for ladies with red or red hair.

: @haarbyamyz

7. Idea for light-blue highlights

If you want to try blond, but notTo dye all your hair, highlights are just the thing for you. Here we have dark hair with additional blonde highlights. The blonde will lighten your hair, but you still have your natural color underneath. If you decide that the blonde is not for you, she will grow out.

: @haarbybrii __

8. Stylish light brown highlights

Next we have another light brownAppearance. This hairstyle has dark hair at the root and light brown highlights were added further down the hair. Since both the natural hair and the highlights are brown, they complement each other perfectly and give the hair a natural look. This method works with any hair color except black. Regardless of your natural hair color, select highlights that are just a few shades lighter.

: @kellymassiashaar

9. Pink and orange highlights idea

Maybe all are natural-lookingHairstyles are not for you and you want your hair to become more unique? If that sounds like you, you have to look at this next hairstyle. For this look, pink, purple and orange highlights were added to the hair. We love this bright color combination and it will suit everyone. You can rebuild this look or choose different colors. Choose only one shade if this is too daring for your taste.

: @stilbymaddy

10. Light blonde highlights

Give your hair with highlights likethis a summery and beachy look. The natural hair is quite dark and very bright blonde highlights have been added. As you can see, the blonde color with the textured waves looks amazing. This is a stylish and easy to wear idea that you can of course try with straight hair.

: @jalononehaar

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