A bun is a classic hairstyle thatfits everyone. There are so many ways to carry bread, from slim, high bun to curly, low style. One of the must-have looks is a chaotic roll. A messy bun is a versatile hairstyle that can look relaxed and beach-ready or glamorous for a special occasion. It just depends on how you want to wear it. To show you how beautiful a messy bun can look, we found on Instagram 23 of the most stylish hair ideas. For every occasion there is a suitable bread roll. So look around, which is your favorite.

1. Glam Messy Bun

First, we have this glamorous bun. The bun is pretty high on the head and the hair is loose. It's a stunning and easy to carry bun that suits everyone. A hair style like this can be worn on any occasion, from a casual and relaxing day to a special event such as a prom or a wedding, up or down. It's just beautiful.

: @ lenabogucharskaya

2. Messy Bun with a vintage vibe

The next bun is one of our favorites. For this look, the hair is styled into a messy bun shape, and the hair is cut to front bangs with the hairs on the sides loose. It's a stylish hair idea and has a vintage vibe, so it's perfect for those who like a chic and classic look. It reminds us of Brigitte Bardot.

: @michaelgrayhaar

3. Low Bun with Scrunchie

They are looking for a roll that is easyproduce and easy to carry? If so, this could be perfect for you. The hair is shaped in the neck to a low and loose knot. A white scrunchie has also been added to the hair. This hairstyle is chic, trendy and will suit everyone. You can use any color that suits your outfit. If the bold hair ties are not for you, you can opt for a more subtle twist.

: @nouragehair

4. Half up Bun

You do not have to hair all to oneput together messy buns. Try a half hairstyle like this one. Half of the hair stays loose and the top layer is formed into a chaotic and relaxed bun. It's a trendy idea and will allow you to carry a bun, but also lower your hair to get the best of both. Such a bread roll can be replicated on longer hair. However, try the cut and the color if you want a new look.

: @ Melistarr

5. Simple and stylish bun idea

Next we want to give you a simple andintroduce stylish hair idea. The hair is styled very high on the head and the hair is loose and relaxed. This is such a chic and glamorous hair idea, and you'll be able to find on-line hair tutorials that show you step-by-step instructions for restoring a similar look. This is a neater version of the chaotic bun, but you can wind your hair a bit more loosely if you prefer.

: @dvir_tvik

6. Elegant, curly, messy bun

If you want an elegant hairstyle, thenThis could be perfect for you. For this look, the hair is beautifully curled and formed into a loose and messy bun, which is quite low styled. There is also loose hair on the front and a little volume on top. This is a stunning and romantic hairstyle that would be perfect for a wedding. A bride or a bridesmaid could wear this style and decorate it with pearls or flowers.

: @ lenabogucharskaya

7. Casual and easy to wear bun

The next hair idea is cute, pretty and simpleto wear. Here we have a high messy bun with pony. As you can see, the hair is only used up in a relaxed knot, creating a casual and stylish look. Hair like this is easy to reproduce and can be worn with or without a pony. A similar bun suits everyone.

: @lorienmeillon

8. Messy High Bun for special occasions

Next we have another elegant oneHair idea. Here we have a high bun and the hair is relaxed and curly. There are also some loose strands of hair. It's a stunning hairstyle and it's perfect for those times when you want to dress up to impress. You can also wear this hairstyle for any occasion as it looks either casual or very glamorous with the outfit, make-up and accessories worn by you.

: @aamna_bb

9. Chic hairstyle idea

One of the great things about youmessy roll is that it looks effortlessly stylish. Here is a beautiful example. The hair is loose and relaxed with a small volume above. There is also a small bun, which is cut quite high. It's pretty, easy to create, and looks formally enough to carry it to work and other places where you need to look smart and sophisticated.

: @tonyastylist

10. Nice messy bun for long hair

Our next hair idea is just beautiful. Here we have a high knot that is loose and relaxed. It's a chic and pretty hairstyle that suits everyone. We love this bun because it has a vintage look and reminds us of a more modern version of the Gibson Girl Hairstyle. So it's perfect for those who are inspired by the fashion and beauty of past decades. Hair like this would be perfect for a special occasion.

: @tonyastylist

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