Faux Locs are a must! These locos create beautiful protective styles and are a temporary version of the loker extensions. That means you can try out the trendy look, but you can also have other styles. In addition, you can also choose between curly and straight hair! Curly Faux Locs look stunning and to show you how fabulous they are, we have put together 23 of the best looks. You will find stylish colors, bread rolls, bobs and more.

1. Beautiful curly fauxloc hairstyles

First we have this beautiful curlyFauxloc hairstyle. The locomotives are long, bulky and are carried to one side. It's just a stunning hair idea that you can wear for any occasion from day to night. On the following page you can find out where to buy these crochet goddess locos. Try the long length or opt for shorter locs. In any case, your hair looks beautiful.

: @ markele.dejanae

2. Structured faux locs with curly ends

Next we have a stylish hair idea. Here we have chunky faux locs that have curly ends. The curled ends of the locomotive look so trendy and the chocolate tone is also beautiful. To create this look, the stylist used 20 & # 8243; Bobbi Boss Nu Goddess Locs in color 1B / 30 You can watch a tutorial on the following Instagram page or a more detailed tutorial on YouTube.

: @imadamejay

Watch this video to learn how to maintain your curly locs:

3. Trendy Silver Locs

Are you bored of your hair and want toYou try something new? Then this idea is for you. Here we have silver curling locos. As you can see, the silver color is so stylish and it also makes a statement. This hairstyle was created with Bobbi Boss's Nu Goddess Locs in color 51 (8 packs of hair). In a short tutorial you will learn how to achieve this unique look.

: @ Entw√ľrfebyjazmyne

4. Glam Bun Tutorial

A gorgeous hairstyle that will catch you with your fauxCreating locs is a bun. Here's a glamorous example to show you. This bun sits high on the head and is beautifully equipped. This look was created with Bobbi Boss Bomba Soul Goddess Locs in a mix of colors 27 and 30. You can easily create this look at home and follow the one pictured.

: @ simplyjade_101

For more useful ideas and guidance, see the Simply jade YouTube tutorial:

5. Curly, Accessorized Locs

Our next idea is so stylish and chic! These locos have a side panel and trendy accessories. The curls are looser than some others, making the hair more relaxed. A hairstyle like this suits everyone and you can replicate the locs in any color and length.

: @everythingmich

6. Purple Curly Faux Locs

The next hairstyle we need to show youis alive and fabulous! Here we have a purple faux loc ponytail. The curls are so beautiful and the purple hue is bright and bold. Hair like this is perfect for the summer as the ponytail keeps you cool and the color fits the fun mood of the season. You can rebuild this look or try a different instruction color.

: @krishtun

7. Long Curly Locs

Faux Locs are so versatile and our nextHairstyle proves it! This hair idea features beautiful faux-locs mixed with loose curls. Some hair is also provided with cords and a sweet shell. This is such a great hairstyle and shows how great Locs look with curls and accessories! Check this out or try out your own trendy version with different cords. You can even add beads.

: @_gabriellaelena

8. Curly Locs Bob

An absolute must is a bob. So you wear a bob in style! This is a long bob and it is beautifully wavy. A hairstyle like this is perfect for the summer as it keeps you cool and looks stylish. Try a similar bob, or try a shorter bob. You can also try chunkier locs.

: @ abidemikomolafe

9. Brown Ombre Locs

Another cool trend you can trycan, is Ombre. These next faux locs are black towards the root and turn halfway into a beautiful brown hue. The colors used are beautiful and we love the style because there is a mix of locos and curly hair. You can check the used hair and a tutorial on the YouTube tutorial below. This look suits everyone and you can try an ombre hairstyle with any color combination.

: @merrymenttv

10. Red Half-Up Bun

Next we have a hairstyle for thetrendy ladies! Here we have red goddess locos, which are shaped to a half roll. Half hairstyles like these are amazing because you can have loose locs and also have an updo. So it's like two looks in one. The red used is fabulous and it makes a statement. Hair like these for the ladies who like to stand out from the crowd.

: @jljstil

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