The sarcophagus shape is stylish, looks great withEvery nail art and is often seen by celebrities like Kylie Jenner. In all, it's no surprise that sarong nails have become a must-have! We love this nail shape and found on Instagram 21 of the best long sarong nails. There are colorful designs, sparkling nails and much more. We have something for everyone, whether you already wear these trendy nails or want to try out the look for the first time. So what are you waiting for ?! Read on and look at these great nails!


Here are some things that girls with long nails experience daily:

  • You can not change
  • Make loud typing sounds when writing an SMS to your phone or keyboard
  • and putting on earrings suddenly becomes one of the most difficult tasks
  • Contact recording is a nightmare
  • get things under control (from foods to cosmetics)
  • light a candle can burn your long tips

The fight is real, but it's the price we have to pay for beautiful, long nails. Comment below if you have long nail problems!

1. Long sarong nails with neon points

We start with these amazingNeon coffin nails on. The nails begin with a beautiful, neutral beige and end with neon tips. This is a great idea as you get cool and colorful nails with a slight ombre. Try these funky designs to lighten your look or choose a different top color. Neon pink would be a great idea!

: @chaunlegend

2. Blue Glitter Ombre with Rhinestone

If you love ombre nails, see for yourselfthis next idea. Here we have a nice blue ombre. The nails are naked and then mix in tingling pastel blue. There is also a crystal accent nail as well. This is a pretty and stylish look that suits everyone. Try the blue or choose a different color. There are many online tutorials to help you with the Ombre technique.

: @sheadbeauty

3. Matte and shiny nails

Can you not between shiny andDecide dull nails? Why not try both? This next nail design offers dull and shiny coffin nails and it looks fantastic. So the nails are a beautiful burgundy color. Three of the nails are dull and two are shiny with a darker hue. This is such a simple but meaningful idea. Try Burgundy or try a different color.

: @chaunlegend

4. Bright and tingling nail idea

Our next idea is bright and sparkling. Some of the nails are beautifully orange, two have a pink glitter and a nail is pretty, light pink. This is such a lively and entertaining nail idea. It would be perfect for the summer and the holidays. You can replicate the entire look in similar colors or just try one of the nail designs you want.

: @joannasnails

5. Simple and chic naked coffin nails

Are all the vibrant colors and gemsNot your thing? If so, you need to check out these send long sarong nails. The nails are simply painted in a nice shade. As you can see, these nails work, even though they have only one color. Nails like these are great for every occasion and make you look glamorous everyday. Try a shade like this or a pastel pink, darker, nude shade that also looks fantastic.

: @philglamournails

6. Purple nails with glitter

Next we want you a pretty purpleShow designs. This look features bright purple, purple glitter and a light pink nail. It's such a nice color combination and the glitter completes the nails perfectly. Such a manicure is great for women who want bold, funny and fashionable nails.

: @joannasnails

7. Blue V Tip sarong nails

Nails with v tips have become very popular. This design often features nails with a French manicure look, but instead of the classic white top, it's instead a V shape. Here is a cool attitude to this idea. The nails are naked with bold blue v-tips. For this look, the tips are very long and sit in the middle of the nail, but you can replicate this and have the tips higher up the nail. In any case, it will look fantastic!

: @chaunlegend

8. Holographic coffin nails

Are you looking for long coffin nails that inspire? Then this idea is for you! Here we have a lively manicure with bright red lacquer, pink holographic nails and gemstones. This is such a creative and crazy idea. Nails like these you will notice in any case! We love this design because it uses classic red and combines it with trendy nail art like the pink hologram. Nails like these will spice up your look!

: @ nailsbymztina

9. Glam Pink Nails with Rhinestone

Our next idea is pretty and sparkling. These coffin nails are painted in a stunning light pink and have an accent nail on each hand. On the accent nail is a beautiful crystal designs. You can purchase gems for your nails on line and easily give your nails an elegant look. Try this pink idea or use gems of any color.

: @sheadbeauty

10. Trendy Long Coffin Nails with Sparkle

Next we have a trendy set ofNails perfect for ladies who want to be brave. For this look, the coffin nails all have a different designs. One is French Ombre, then gold glitter, broken glass and gems, more gold glitter and finally French Ombre with subtle crystals. This is a dazzling design that gives your look glamor. Try this color combination, or even try silver glitter instead of gold.

: @ margaritasnailz

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