Ponytails are underestimated. These can often be overlooked, especially when it comes to hairstyles for special occasions. That will change soon. We've found 23 great ponytail ideas that show how beautiful and stylish ponytails can be. We have braided looks, stylish sideways ponytails and more. Regardless of your style, there is a ponytail for you.

1. Bubble weaving ponytail

We would like to ponytail with this bubblekick off. A bubble ponytail is a stylish, cool and creative hairstyle that suits everyone. You can find on-line tutorials to help you restore the look. As a rule, however, hair elastics are inserted into the hair until the end of the ponytail. Try the entire hairstyle or just the ponytail without braids.

: @magicfinger's studio

2. Curly ponytail with pigtails and cuffs

Are you looking for a glamorous hairstyle? Then this idea is for you. This ponytail has beautiful curly hair with trendy triangular braids and two loose braids at the front. The braids are also equipped with gold cuffs and more. We love this ponytail, the curls are breathtaking! Make a look similar to this or try another mesh design.

: @thebrilliantbeauty

3. Sleek low ponytail

Next we have a sendPonytail. This is smooth, straight and stylish. There is also a nice hair wrap where the hair tie would be. A hair style like this is easy to wear and gives you an elegant look. You can make a ponytail like this in any color. Also try a different hair length or weave for a neat, shorter ponytail.

: @ hair2serveyou

4. Braided ponytail with weave

Braided ponytails look fantastic,Here is a beautiful example. The hair is braided into a stylish fish tail, with a combination of thin and thick braids on top of the head. This look was rounded off with golden hairline rings. A ponytail like this is for trendsetters. You can try all the hairstyle or just the fishtail. There are on-line tutorials to help you with this technique.

: @ jess_jessy.s

5. Braided ponytail idea

You can not do anything with a classic weavedo wrong. This ponytail shows in a trendy, but also simple way how to wear a braid. The hair was styled high up with a thick side braid. This ponytail has a long braid, but you can also choose a shorter braid. You can have such a braided ponytail in any color.

: @filthyrichtresses

6. Trendy half-up ponytail

You can not decide if you have oneWant to wear ponytail or leave your hair? Well, you do not have to go with this hairstyle! This appearance is characterized by a high ponytail, in which only half of the hair is used. The rest of the hair was left loose. The result is a sweet and stylish half-up-half-down look. Create a similar style or try another mesh design.

: @filthyrichtresses

7. Curly half-up ponytail with weave

Next we have a sky highPonytail. This type of ponytail is loved by celebrities like Ariana Grande and Beyonce. It's just about a ponytail that was styled super high on the head. You can choose a ponytail like this or straight instead of wavy hair. This is also a ponytail that you can style halfway up and half down.

: @therealheur

8. Braided ponytail

With a cool cable pattern, you canmake a classic ponytail unique. Here is an amazing example. The hair has a combination of thin and thick braids on the head, which then results in a smooth ponytail. You can use any braided designs when creating your own ponytail. You can also add funky colors.

: @geminitwinshauwny

9. High ponytail with weave

You are looking for a trendy ponytail, the oneMake a statement? Then you have to look at this hairstyle. This ponytail is long, thick and has a nice twist. Hair like this is glamorous, stylish and can be dressed up or down on any occasion. You can build a long, twisted ponytail like this or try a shorter length.

: @dekamchunu

10. Slender ponytail with curls

Our next idea is a beautiful oneburgundy ponytail. The hair is initially smooth and then the ponytail is very curly. We love the curls because they add style and elegance to the ponytail. The color is also trendy, especially for the fall and winter. Re-create this look or try the ponytail in a different color.

: @touchedbylu

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