Is your hair duller than fabulous? Then we come to the rescue! We found 23 great ideas for short blond hair! Blonde is a bright and elegant method to lift your hair, and a short cut gives your hair new life. Here you will find beautiful bobs, sweet elf cuts, trendy short styles and much more. What are you waiting for? Take a look around and find a stunning new hairstyle!

1. Short blond Bob

Let's start our list with this wavy bobthe beautiful hairstyles. The short bob is a mix of light and platinum blonde and has a slight wave. This is a beautiful hair idea that has a vintage glamor look. Re-create this style with similar blond tones or choose darker blonde tones.

: @ the_blondologist

2. Chaotic short blond hair

Give your hair a boost by usingopt for a short beach hairstyle like this. The hair has dark roots, then turns pale and finally blond. The use of several blondes with dark roots gives you a more natural and sun-kissed look. With such hair, you can look bright and summery all year round!

: @jalononehaar

3. Beautiful purple and blonde bob

Our next idea shows how your hair worksgive a touch of stylish color. This light blonde bob has a beautiful purple hue that starts in the middle of the hair and ends at the tips. It's a trendy hairstyle that lets you restore the purple look or add a different vibrant color to your hair.

: @corynneylon_hair

4. Warm blond hair

If you choose a new blonde tint, you needThey do not get very bright. You can choose warmer blondes as in this hairstyle. The very short hair is dark brown and has highlights of warm golden blond and blond. This is a beautiful color combination that can be used for a similar hairstyle like this or even for a longer hairstyle.

: @haarmeroar

5. Straight Blonde Bob

Next we want to give you a great onestylish bob show. This bob has dark roots with light blond shades that run through the rest of the hair. The cut is dull and trendy, while the style is smooth and straight. These features create a modern and beautiful hairstyle that is perfect for ladies who want a fresh and up-to-date look.

: @colorbymichael

6. Platinum Pixie cut

Are you looking for a bold new hairstyle? Then you have to check this next selection. Here we have a platinum blond pixie cut. Pixie hairstyles are cute and are loved by celebrities like Anna Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence and others. Go for a statement platinum pixie appearance or try a warmer blonde. In both cases, the hair is stylishly short.

: @arrojotribeca

7. Brown to Blonde Balayage Bob

If you try blond, but not everythingIf you want to spend, you can consider a hairstyle like this one. This short bob has a dark root color and halfway through, the hair gradually begins to turn blond. The blonde continues until the tips have a light shade. A mix like this is stylish and allows you to add color without being too dramatic. You can replicate this look with warmer blondes.

: @corynneylon_hair

8. Short, blond bob with close

Our next idea is a trendy bob withGraduation. A graduate Bob is short hair cut at an angle and on the back of the hair there are layers that give the hairstyle its shape. Here is a beautiful example. We love this look because it's a stylish ice-blond tone that makes the finished hairdo look modern. Hair like this looks great for everyone!

: @cherryblossom salon

9. Trendy blonde bob haircut

The next hairstyle we need to show youis this cute short bob. This has a dark root color and then turns into a soft, pretty blonde. As you can see, such short hair looks straight and wavy. When the Bob is straight, he looks smooth and trendy, and when he's curled, he looks structured and nervous. This shows that short hair is just as versatile as long hair. So do not be afraid to get your hair cut!

: @jalononehaar

10. Trendy Short Blonde Hair

If you love the graduated short hairstyles,you might also like this hair idea. The hair is structured and curly. It is much shorter at the back and longer at the front. This is a trendy look that is easy to wear and style. You can have a light blonde color as shown or opt for a darker blond tone.

: @anapemberton hair

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