Box braids are very popular, which means thatYou probably have worn these braids many times already. When that's said, you may be looking for a new look. One way to style your usual hair and spice up your box braids is to add trendy colors. There are so many stunning shades and we've found 23 pretty colored box heads to inspire you. We have something for everyone, from rainbow colors to statement shades to beautiful ombre.

1st box braids with rainbow color

The first idea we have to show you isThese fantastic rainbow box braids. These box braids are available in a variety of vibrant colors from blue to yellow. Such hair is perfect for those who want a dramatic and entertaining new look. Rainbow pigtails are also a good choice in summer.

: @miryamlumpini

2. Light Copper Box braids

Copper shades are very popular with braids, and wecan see why! Here we have box braids that were made with a bright copper screen. As you can see, the copper has given classic box braids a stylish makeover. Hair colors like the ones shown here are suitable for everyone.

: @mariapaulamapo

3. Purple to pink ombre box braids

Looking for a statement that has an ideamakes for hair? Then this next choice is for you! Here we have box braids with a purple to pink ombre. The top of the braids is dark, then purple and pink at the ends. Hair like these are fat and will make you stand out! You can recreate the pink and purple or choose two other colors.

: @studior_imagecentrum_petka

4. Light blond box braids

Next we have boxing braids that come witha beautiful light blond pattern were created. Blondes like the one pictured are summery and will lighten your look. With that said, braids like this will look awesome for the summer and the holidays. You can also add other colors ... maybe pink?

: @ Zöpfegang

5. Burgundy box braids

Our next idea is burgundy brown. Such a shade of brown is perfect for ladies who want a new hair color, but not for liveliness or exaltation. Shades like these elegantly refresh your look, but also make your hair look natural.

: @_samiraa __

6. Bold blue box braids

Another popular color choice for box braids isBlue! These next braids are held in a beautiful dark blue. We love how stylish and bold the color is. You can use statement colors like these to spice up the simplest braided style. If the dark blue is not for you, you can also choose a lighter blue.

: @ rafafranco2

7. Red Ombre Box braids

Ombre is a hair trend it has been aroundthere is some time and it is still a must. Here we have a super stylish Ombre color idea. The braids begin dark and then turn into a nice red hue. Hair like these will suit everyone and you can choose any color for your ombre.

: @ Zöpfegang

8. Long, purple box braids

Try the blondes, reds and otherspopular colors? Looking for something else? Then this next hair idea is for you! These box braids were created with a vivid purple hue. We love this look because the purple color is beautiful and meaningful. It is the perfect hair idea for women who want a dramatic makeover that attracts attention!

: @ b.bglam

9. Ombre Blue Box braids

If you liked the blue braids, thehave been presented in the post earlier, then you might like this next idea as well. These braids use a variety of different blues with additional green. This is a fantastic multi-tone look. Hair like this would be great if you want a creative and unique hairstyle. You can also use this multicolor idea with other colors.

: @miryamlumpini

10. Stylish red box braids

Next we have a stylish redBraid idea. The red used in this hairdo has a copper tone. It's a beautiful color choice and it would suit anyone over any age with any braid length and in any style. A color like this is great for ladies who want a new look, but do not want to be too dramatic or alive.

: @mightyamelia

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