Summer is almost here, so it's a good oneTime to think about your summer appearance. One of the most important things to keep in mind is the hair. If you change your hair or try a new style, your look will instantly update for the new season. Braided hairstyles are in fashion and are very popular for the summer. You can look cute and stylish, but also tie your hair together on hot days. We have put together 21 of the best braided hairstyles for the summer. There is something for everybody.

1. Double Dutch braids

First, we have this double pigtail hairstyle. This is a simple style that can be created with practice. You can wear it like that or weave it through to the end. It's a great style for hot days or days on the beach, as the hair is out of the way. You can stay cool and look cute at the same time.

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2. flower pot

Beautify your braided summer hairstyleswith a few flowers. The pretty pink and white flowers in this look give the hairstyle a summery touch. Flowers are a great way to add a touch of color to your outfit. You can do that with any flower.

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3. Waterfall Braid

Half high, half hairstyles give you thatBest of both worlds. This semi-high style has a beautiful waterfall weave. The hairstyle is beautifully rounded with small leaf accessories. You can build it with or without accessories. It's a cute style that suits every summer occasion.

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4. Braided ponytail

Next we have a beautiful hairstylefrom ponytail and fishtail mesh. This summer style is very pretty and would look great with a floating dress and natural make-up. It's a versatile style that can be worn from a festival over a day at the beach to a wedding.

: @alisabinhaar

5. Braided crown and rolls

Braided crowns are a very popular style. To create a braided summer crown, wear the braids with a bread roll. This creates a cute hairstyle that's perfect for the hot weather. You can even add flowers for a bohemian hairstyle or cute hair accessories like gems for a festival.


6. Accessorized Braided style

If accessories sound like your thing, you willlove this next braided style. It has intricate braids with blue and green gemstones. We love this hairstyle because the styling possibilities are endless. You could have different colored gems and try different braids for a unique look.

: @antestradahaar

7. braids and waves

Bohemian style is always a must in summer. Boho braids are an easy way to add a bohemian feel to any outfit. Try some of it for a simple hairstyle. Create beach waves, there are many tutorials on line and then just add a few braids to your hair. This is a sweet and simple summer style that makes you look like a boho.

: @haarbynikkilayne

8. Festival braids

Like the Cornrows? Then this style is just right for you. This summer hairstyle features cornrow braids and soft waves. A hairstyle like this suits everyone and is great for festivals, hot days and days on the beach or at the pool. Her hair is not in the way, but looks beautiful anyway.

: @antestradahaar

9. Glitter roots and braids

Glittering roots have become a fashion must-have forBecome festivals. This sparkling trend is great for the summer and really fits the fun summer mood. Glittering roots look great with pigtails and the glittering cable pattern is perfect for parties and holidays. Have fun with it and add glitter in your favorite color.

: @Rotken

10. Crown Braid Updo

For a simple and stylishSommerflechtstil try a crown like this. It is a beautiful hairstyle that is perfect for bad days, hot and sunny days and if you do not have much time to style your hair. You could spice it up for a special occasion or an evening.

: @ mel.haarstil

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