The choice of a new black braiding hairstyle isnot easy! There are so many colors, braid lengths and styles. We're here to help you with your hair dilemma and in the year 2019 found 48 of the best black braided hairstyles that can be copied. Each of our ideas gives your look a stylish update. From strong, colorful braids to stylish, braided patterns, we have a hair idea for everyone!

1. Ombre Blue Box braids

First we have this box braid hairstyle. Box braids are a good choice as they are easier to care for than other styles and look beautiful. These long braids start black and then turn blue. The rich blue looks fantastic and is perfect for anyone who likes to make a statement with their hair.

: @marihsantosss

2. Feed in braids Bun

Our next hair idea is a beautiful oneFeed in braids bun. Braided buns look stunning, as you can see on the picture. They are perfect for spring and summer. You can even equip your bun with braided cuffs for a particularly elegant look.

: @ nikkifagbemi

3. Medium box braids

Next we show you a beautifulbraided bob. The bob has pretty thick braids and braid cuffs. A hairstyle like this would look great on everyone. You can have your bob reproduced with different braid thicknesses and even add beads. As you can see, black braided hairstyles are very handy and an easy way to update your look without breaking the bank.

: @ nicolexashleyy

4. Long lemonade braids

Long lemonade braids look so glamorous! This next hair idea shows how you can wear long braids with a funky designs on the side. You could mimic a similar hairstyle with a different braided design and maybe even add some other colors or braid cuffs. We love this Beyonce-inspired hairstyle.

: @beautifulke __

5. Double cornrows

Our next hair idea is creative and awesomestylish. Instead of the classic two braids, this hairstyle has four. The way the two braids are styled looks great. You could also try this idea with shorter braids. If you want a trendy braided hairstyle for the summer, consider the following:

: @narahaarbraiding

6. Ombre box braids

At the beginning of the post we have a black oneplaited hairstyle in which the braids change color. Next we have a similar idea, but instead of blue, these braids are icy gray. This cool tone is perfect for the spring and summer. You can also apply this color to different braiding styles.

: @elenitekeste

7. Feed pigtails with ponytail curls

Choosing a hairstyle is not easy. Maybe you're torn between pigtails and loose hair. Well, with our next hair idea you get the best of both worlds. Here we have two cornrows ending in the neck, then the hair is curly and curly. This is a beautiful hairstyle that would suit everyone. Check out the tutorial for this look here on Amor Antasia on Youtube.

: @geminitwinshauwny

8. Fulani braids with pearls

We love braided hairstyles with pearls! By adding pearls to your hair, you can make the hairstyle unique. You can pick pearls in all shapes, sizes and colors. It's a nice way to show your individual style. Fulani braids are ideal for the summer.

: @nnescorner

9. Big box braids

If you want a simple but super stylishHairstyle, then this next idea is for you. The braids are long, smooth and thick. This combination is beautiful and will suit everyone. You can also make similar braids, but in shorter length. A braided bob with this type of braid would be nice.

: @tiphaniemakeup

10. Elegant, Twist Updo

You are looking for a striking hairstyle that youwill inspire? Then this next idea is for you. Here we have a great updo. The updo consists of small lateral pigtails and turns, the twists were woven in a roll style. This updo is perfect for a special occasion.

: @tiphaniemakeup

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