Today we talk about hairstyling for thebrunette beauties. We have a selection of 21 Must See Ombre Hair Ideas. From summer blond to bright spots of color there is something for everyone. These hairstyles will make a trendy statement. Take a look at this and get inspired for your next hairdressing appointment.

1. Blonde Ombre

Blond is an Ombre favorite. During spring and summer, brunettes want to give their hair a light boost. Blonde Ombre is the perfect way to do this. You get a fresh makeover, lighter hair and can keep your darker color. There are many different colors, a very bright blonde would be a trendy choice.

: @ studio.m.edmonds

2. Dark curls

If you are looking for something finer, try itA dark ombre. Ombre does not have to be a bright and vibrant color. You could be inspired by it and choose brown shades. You get the style, but the tones used are closer to your natural hair. Perfect if you want to refresh your look.

: @ shine.haardressing

3. Bold color

Would you like a statement this season?submit? Then take a look at this lively hairstyle. The ombre was created with red, orange and coral colors that look fabulous. It's a nice way to add a splash of color to your brunette curls. Hair like this fits the funny summer mood.

: @ jeyre.haar

4. Warm blond

Our next style is characterized by a lotdark chocolate hair with a warm, blonde ombre out. This color combination has rich tones and produces a stunning end result. Such hairstyles show how beautifully dark and light colors complement each other. It's perfect if you do not want a very light blonde.

: @paintedhair

5. raspberry ombre

Ombre does not just have to have a color, you canalso use a multi-tone style. This style is characterized by vibrant raspberry and caramel tones. We love this combo because it is unique and courageous. Raspberry would be a trendy choice this season. You can create a multicolored look with one of your favorite colors.

: @jdemariahc

6. Caramel

If you like the caramel coloring, then seeLook at this style. Here's how to add subtle caramel color. It's darker and closer to the brunette root. Brave is not for everyone, but that does not mean you can have an ombre look. A color like this is perfect to give your hair a new lease of life.

: @ lesleylou1017

7. Blond and braided

Let us in with this icy blondecool a little. This brunette beauty has a warmer blonde tint that blends into an ice tone. The shorter hair and the ombre make this hairstyle a stylish hairstyle. The braided style is a great way to add a trendy and edgy feel to your ombre.

: @anggalinietti

8. Trendy Short Hair

Short bobs and lobs are the most popular styles2019. If you choose shorter hair and add some ombre, you'll get a unique edge that sets you apart from the crowd. Ombre can be created with endless shades, so everyone looks different. This was created with a dark caramel tone and the finished hair looks trendy and chic. Think of a hairstyle you have to have on something like that.

: @beautybyjacquid

9. Cool Ocean Ombre

Here is an Ombre color that is in multipleRegards it is cool. It has a beautiful sea shadow that gives the hair a tropical look, perfect for the summer. In addition, blue is a must for the next few seasons and is fully in line with the trend. If you are looking for something bold and meaningful, you should choose blue.

: @the_suitestylist

10. Bronde

Our next choice was described as bronde. You may think, what is that? Well, Bronde is a clever way to combine blond and brown to give the hair a natural and sun-kissed look. This hairstyle has brought color to the next level by adding Ombre. The combination of Bronde and Light Ombre creates a stunning hairstyle that is perfect for the summer.

: @colouringbynumbers

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