Summer is here! This season is all about fun fashion and trying new things. It's not just your fashion that you should mix, but also your hair. Your hair is an accessory that you can wear every day. So, think about whether you have a stylish new hairstyle to refresh your look. It is not an easy task to find a new style. We did a part of the work for you and found 23 summer protection styles. There is something for everybody. So stop by and find your favorite.

1. Sweet double bun braids

The first is this cute double bun. This is a cheerful hairstyle that suits the happy summer mood. You could build two buns like this or create your own style. Maybe add in several different colors or braid thicknesses. We love this hairstyle! A hairstyle like this suits every girl.

: @ nanaszöpfe

2nd middle box braids

If you have something simpler this summerIf you want to try this medium box braids. This hairstyle immediately gives you a trendy look. They could have long braids or, as it is summer, go for something shorter. Braided bobs are a must for 2019.

: @textuRotstilstudio

3. Double Goddess Braid

Look like a goddess this summer andtry goddess braids. This hairstyle has chunky braids with thinner front. Because the braids are made into an updo, you'll stay stylish and cool even in the hot summer. Such braids will suit everyone.

: @samanthapollack

4. Blue Ombre Box braids

Courage this summer and give it awayYour hair a few lively braids. These bright blue box braids are perfect for the summer. There are many ways to restore this look. You could have shorter braids or choose a different color. Any color would look trendy, pink would be a nice choice for the summer.

: @ Braiding Ruby

5. Little Marley Twist updo

Updos are perfect for the summer. You can wear an updo on any occasion, it looks super stylish and keeps you cool in warmer weather. This updo features small turns that give the hair a glamorous look. You could have an updo in larger turns. Hairstyles like these are a great protection for women of all ages.

: @camillejanaehaar

6. Braided Bob

Braided bobs are perfect for the summer. This bob features braids and braid cuffs. It's a well-kept style that would be gorgeous on any occasion. You can mimic this with a different mesh strength and also add some other cuffs.

: @ mannelovehaar

7. Funky Purple Summer Bun

Summer is the perfect time to be yoursGive hair a vivid color. It really fits the summer mood. This next hairstyle shows big and small braids with a purple bun and golden cuffs. It's a trendy hairstyle that will envy every girl's style. You can replicate this look and change the color of the bun.

: @artist_of_faith

8. CornrowPonytail

Ponytails are the perfect trend style forthe summer. It looks good and keeps your hair out of the way. The braids used in this style are thick, but you can replicate them with smaller braids. A hairstyle like this suits every occasion. We love this summer style.

: @_elenalewis

9. Summer Faux-Locs

Our next selection includes long faux-locs. The hair was decorated with a funky silver hair jewelry. The whole look has a boho summer atmosphere. You could create this look or have shorter locs. Whatever length you choose, one thing is for sure, it's a funky must-have for the summer.

: @stil_by_janae

10. Box Braid Bun

High buns are a trendy look for theSummer. The bun has multi-tone box braids. A bun like this fits all ladies of all ages. You can opt for a multi-tone bun or a single-color bun. Experiment in the summer and add a vivid color.

: @stildbyfdsmith

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