Summer is coming and with the warmerWeather comes a very different need. Some other hairstyles and designs are required so you can better protect your hair from the heat of this glorious sun. If you are looking for chic and uncomplicated updos for natural hair, you are in the right place. We have found 21 designs that we think could grab your attention ...

1. Faux Mohawk

The Mohawk is so cool and shows it to youseriously. If you are not brave enough to switch to Mohawk, look instead for this false Mohawk. With pigtails and small square rolls you have the opportunity to create a really nervous appearance without having to take any drastic measures ... you know, as if you actually shave your head. Of course, some girls look good, but we're not sure we can cope with the junior season. We are very impatient.

: @haar_by_pelerossi

2. Tutorial for an elegant updo

On Instagram, there are many tutorials if youto have a look. Some of these are ideas that you may miss when you assert yourself in the Pinterest and Youtube worlds. There are lesser-known people than the big names of the tutorials you may have encountered, and some hidden treasures. You should definitely take a look at Instagram if you want chic and easy updos for natural hair like this.

: @igbocurls

3. Perfect summer updo

This perfect summer updo is bothelegant as well as brave, and is not that what you want to be this summer? Of course with a little sack on it. It's really amazing how many different styles and designs you can create with simple braiding techniques. This larger braided style is definitely a great way to keep your hair away from your face in this hot heat!

: @ Voiceofhaar

4. Bun + Faux pony

Ponies are a pretty scary thought,especially if it's your first time. We've seen all these terrible pictures and videos on social media, right? You know them - someone cuts off the pony and it looks totally ridiculous and is usually too short. Faux ponies are a great way to rock your look without having to cut your hair and risk mishaps. Just rock the bun / top knot look and release some of it, which will then tease you to a faux-bang look that suits your mood that day. When you're done with them, just let them go, and you'll have your own hair again without a pony. So easy, so smart!

: @theserialthrifter _

5. Braiding in a low bun

If you are looking for an appearance that worksdone and super easy, this look is just right. Afro-typical hair often gets dry and looks frizzy and unkempt. Simple appearance like this requires only minimal turning and turning. You also do not need anything too tight that could possibly damage your scalp.

: @ 4adaniels

6. Flat Twist Updo + Pompadour

That's such a fabulous look, right? It's a great way to add more height to your hair with minimal effort. We think you should definitely rock that. This pompadour look is definitely what you need to bring something to market, and the cute flat twists really do make the overall finale more feminine.

: @ bonybomani

7. Braided High Bun

How about chic and simpleUpdos for natural hair like this? Using pigtails and twists, you can easily make a high-puff bun with lots of juice, and you can even add these pigtails with face rims to give the face a kind of halo.

: @ Voiceofhaar

8. Bun updo with a headband

With headbands you can see every appearanceAlready do it regularly, spice it up. If you have rocked the low pony, add a headband to make the look much more feminine during the day. You can also combine the headband with low or high buns and of course also with negative things. I think we say that hair decoration is a big deal.


9. Stunning braided updo

She is tall, brave and beautiful - three thingsyou expect from your chic and easy updos for natural hair. Three other things you want to do for great-looking hair like this are the right conditioner, the right shampoo and the right styling product to keep your hair in check. You should use the product designed specifically for your hair type, if possible. Maybe you just find it works!

: @igbocurls

10. Curly Page Pony + Bun

A clipless wand is just rightTool to make tight curls when you do not have much time to get rid of curlers. By leaving half the hair in a low knot as in this look, you also save half the curl time. These half-n-half styles are great if you want to make a little effort but do not have time to do the full work.

: @ sashabasha2

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