Braids have been around for many years and each oneYear, or should I say, every summer we experiment more with our hair. In summer you can see more braids than any other season. Braids are simple and low maintenance. If you take care of your braids, they can last for 2 months, for many even longer. However, we recommend 2 months.

Braided hair can change your style and characterunderline. They are unique to your hair and look stunning for the summer. It is very adaptable to all braids, from fish tails to cornrows. You can also mix them if you want.

Considering that summer is here,We thought we would show you 21 trendy braided hairstyles. Remember that some can be a bit tricky and you may need a friend to help you, but with a little practice, you are plaiting your hair every day! Even if you do not believe that you can achieve these styles, how will you know it until you try it?

1. Cornrows with colored extensions

Give your braids a little color. Adding some colored extensions adds to your unique style and adds a little color to your braids. This is easy and easy to do, just add the colored extensions if you are braiding.

: @ Quiknikzöpfe

2. Chaotic, fishtail updo

Everyone loves a fishtail braid. What is not to be loved about this network? They create a unique weave that only fish tails can.

: @iamqueen_elizabeth

3. Two long cornrows for white girls

This style is very Kim K and we love it. Create this beautiful hairstyle with two long cornrows and be envious of all your friends.

: @ Zöpfebyentears

4. Blonde cornrows

Blonde Cornrows are stunning and eye-catching. With these blonde cornrows you stand out from the crowd.

: @ shayaneesther

5. Big Caramel Cornrows

Add a subtle splash of color. If you want to highlight your hair but do not feel like getting blonde, how about caramel highlights? See how well caramel tones are intertwined with pigtails.

: @ Quiknikzöpfe

6. Messy, Boho Fishtail braids

This is screaming boho-style beach. We all love to chill on the beach in the summer and this is the perfect hairdo for it. Whether you play beach volleyball or just relax on the beach, you want to look on the catwalk. With this hairstyle you are ready for the catwalk and Vogue. There are two trendy hairstyles in one - messy hair and fishtail braids! Messy hair is perfect for the summer, as the weather makes us very hot and we have to worry about whether our hair looks good. While messy hair is fashionable, you'll need to use it, so mix it with fishtail braids to look awesome!


7. Braided crown

A braided crown looks stunning. If you have a plaited hair crown, you do not need hair ornaments. It completely changes your look and is perfect for any occasion.

: @ ashleyymari3

8. Super long cornrow braids

This hairstyle is suitable in the event that longCornrows just are not enough anymore ... you need the super long cornrow braids. You have to make a top statement everywhere and all your friends will ask you for advice. Rock your super-long braids!

: @ kayshaarbraiding

9. Cool, inspired by Kim K braided style

As mentioned earlier, Kim K is a big fan ofbraided hair. It is a low maintenance style and if you take care of your braids they can last up to 2 months. We recommend removing them after this time so that your hair can relax. They look stylish, fashionable and perfect throughout the day and in the evening.

: @ instaluxuryinc

10. Big and small cornrows

Mix it a little bit with big and small cornrows. If you need symmetrical hair these days, you should be different and add a few big and a few small cornrows.

: @ Quiknikzöpfe

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