Ghana braids are like other braids under oneA number of other names are known, including Cherokee cornrows, pencil cornrows, invisible cornrows and even banana braids. Summer, which is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to wear your weave this year, seems to be wandering among women who choose this sassy style, not just for the convenience factor, but also for the protective factor Advantages.

If you need to convince even more that this is your next trend, here are 51 of the best Ghana pigtails you'll love!

1. Simple Ghana pigtails style

The decision for this amazingGhana pigtails have more benefits than just good looks and protection benefits. If you play your cards properly and care for them properly, this is a style that lasts for weeks and in some cases several months. If you do not want to come to the salon every few weeks, Ghana braids are definitely the right choice.

: @thatdynamitechick

2. Ombre Ghana braids

Here's an appearance you might notOmbre Ghana braids, a hairstyle that's both perfect for the summer and super cool. A truly updated way to wear these braided styles. Darker and on the way to the light, with a few reddish streaks, it is an extremely intense look that we can not wait to test for ourselves.

: @ezbeautified

3. Ghana braids to a bun

One of the easiest ways with theseTo handle loose threads in the neck, is to make the simplest of them - wrap everything and attach with pins in the cutest bit buns. The top of your hair is sorted - everything is brushed back and braided away from your face. With this little bun, you can do the rest on hot days when your hair is the last thing you want to deal with.

: @_hairwifey

4. Blonde Ghana braids

Ever wanted to get blond? Well, Ghana braids hairstyles like these show you exactly how to do it. Becoming blonde when braiding or using extensions is the easiest way! There are no hard whitening or bleaching treatments for your own natural hair, and there is no way to treat the dryness or breakage afterwards. It's the best blonde idea you've ever had!

: @ Zöpfe_bylauren

5. Jumbo cornrows

Ghana braids hairstyles are not just a look,which keeps for a long time and looks great, but they are also great as they can be worn in thicker or thinner braids depending on your preference. The easiest way to enter the world of Ghana is with these huge beauties - easy, faster than with smaller pigtails and much easier to maintain.

: @black_beautyworld

6. Black & White Ghana braids

We immediately wanted the old song from MichaelJackson, Black or White, sing when we saw those fabulous braids. The 90s are back. Have not you seen someone with those tight plastic half-hoops around your neck again?

: @ Zöpfegang

7. Friends who weave together stay together.

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Long braids are always in fashion and for oneLook that Beyonce would be proud of, wear your one with a little more length. Super long braids need to be worn at least once in a lifetime. However, we would not always recommend them because the length can be very heavy and this will adversely affect your scalp. Repeated use of heavy extensions can cause you to suffer from hair loss, which can even be permanent.

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8. Ghana turns pigtails into an elegant updo

If you have the hair most of the summerA long and twisted updo is a great idea. However, if you like to wear your braids long and loose and style them the way you would do with "normal" hair, thinner braids are likely to be the better option for you.

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9. Ghana braids are also referred to as banana braids.

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There have been some research on the storyGhana braids, and it is believed that they can reach 500 BC. The hairstyles could actually be very impressive. It was the old Africans who rocked the look at first, with sculptures and hieroglyphs that showed both men and women with braids in their hair and looked remarkably like the Ghana braids we're showing you here.

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10. Ghana Cornrows

Ghana pigtails with straight back were inthe "old days" the more traditional appearance. The style and style often depend on things like ethnic background, social status, religion and even kinship.

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