When you get to your promthere is nothing more important than to think about it. It's the most significant evening of your life, except for graduation of course! Good looks and a great feeling are your priorities. Once you have selected your dress, you can think about your makeup and hairstyles. If you're determined to get your hair tied back, we've put together 21 pretty hairstyles that look amazing.

For many celebrities who are in the cinema and on theWalking around red carpet, hairstyles with side-sweepers were seen at music events. They are trendy everywhere. Many people tend to choose this style because they are flattering and fit every occasion. Do not go for the boring traditional ballerina bun, which many girls make for prom balls. You want to set the trend and have this "wow" factor. Whether you like the chaotic look, the smooth, chic, elegant or plaited hair, take a look at our 21 pretty hairstyles swept away from the side. Have fun!

1. Braided hair on the side

Having your hair by your side is one thing, but it's absolutely breathtaking to combine it with a braid.

: @ stephanie_danielle

This looks fantastic with longer hair. Prom is the perfect time to show off your braiding skills. Take the braid from the side of the top of the head and merge it with another braid. It can be so much fun mixing different types of braids.

2. Curly hair to a curly braid

We love curls.

: @haar_by_zolotaya

They create a romantic atmosphere and that's perfect for a prom. Curl your hair and braid it loosely. It will look incredibly elegant and feminine.

3. Big Fishtail Braid

This braid is one of our favorites.

: @instibraid

The fishtail mesh is really unique. This style is better for longer hair. The longer your hair is, the better. When you braid, make sure that you return it from the page to your best side and continue. You can either make it neat or chaotic, depending on your style. If you want it to get messy, you can still make it pretty tight as you go down the web. After you've added your ribbon at the end, you can begin to pull down the edges of the braid completely.

4. Messy cable pattern in a side ponytail

Messy braids look so good.

: @emilyandersonstyling

If you do not know the fishtail patternor prefer the standard braid we find looks amazing, then go for a messy braid side ponytail. You can add as many braids as you like, but remember to sweep the sides.

5. Vintage Curls

Vintage in the prom night.

: @mariedarling_xo

The elegance of seeing vintage curls isamazing. This is a striking and classic style. It makes your hair look healthy and elastic. You can use hairpins to grab loose hair as you sweep the page.

6. French Braid to Fishtail Braid

Here is a hairstyle that will make you stand out from the crowd.

: @haarbyelena

If you have conquered French and FishtailBraid, why not mix them together and show your friends how great that can be? This is classic and chic, which will complement your outfit.

7. Side sweep curls + hair piece

These side sweep curls are ideal for medium to long hair.

: @ lenabogucharskaya

Add a hair piece to your hair. Beautiful curls accentuate your hairstyle. If you have dark or light hair, pearls or white pearls look great.

8. Invert Fishtail Braid

This has the "wow" factor!

: @haar_by_zolotaya

Of course you want to spend the whole nightSupplements to your stylish hairstyle and get If you opt for this reverse fish tail, the supplements are displayed without interruption.

9. Romantic half-up, half-down style

This hairstyle screams for love and romance.

: @ hairandmakeupbysteph

Love curls and braids and you are feelingAre you undecided when it comes to getting your hair up or down? This is the perfect solution for you. This semi-up, half-down hairstyle looks exquisite and with the added thin hair band it looks fabulous.

10. Dutch netting with side sweeper

Go Dutch.

: @haarbymarissasue

This is a braid that really stands outespecially when it's with side-brush and braided comes over your headline and all the way down. If you have long hair, try it and see what you think.

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