French pigtails look beautifuland never go out of style. This hairstyle has become famous for its varieties, as it can easily be incorporated into any design that is ideal for casual, formal and party looks. You can opt for a French braid to anchor your pony and shine your style through the remnants of your appearance. French braided updos are a chic choice for those who want to renew their style.

Here we have many wonderfulFrench pigtails, which can quickly attract the attention of many. All updates mentioned here are easy to create. Understand our policy to get a sexy look.

  • Braided ponytail with side fishtail

You have school sports opportunities to visit? Strive for this loose braided ponytail with side fishtail. You need to create an exemplary fishtail braid along the edge that continues to scratch and from that point forms a low ponytail. An appealing but charming style can be praised.

  • Three to one!

This braided updo, like on theTo see a picture is quite simple and appealing for everyday use. To do this, divide your hair into three sections, one in the middle and two on the side. Then make a Dutch fish tail for the central part, starting from the top to the point where you want to secure yourself with a hair tie. Next, make a low typical French braid for the sections at the side and set it down. Finally, bring all three braids together at one point and combine them into a single twist.

  • Braided bread roll

The hairstyle that never goes out of style isnext to the braid the bun. Both the braids and the bun look elegant. Why do not you try these hairstyles as one? To achieve this look, make a light fishtail sideways until you reach the focal point of your head. At this point, get a grip on all the remaining hair and push it up as a tall bun. An ideal updo for an ordinary look. If you whiten this updo with a few hairstyles, it is also perfect for glamorous occasions.

  • Interwoven ponytail in cheeky braid style

Why choose a typical French twist,if you can weave yourself with a cute twist style? This fascinating but unimaginably spectacular hairstyle begins with a small braid on the front, which moves as a ponytail back to the hair root. It is woven with a loose and small, untidy fishtail braid to create an attractive style that is ideal for a get-together.

  • Loose style

Some girls reading this post feelmaybe uncomfortable with tight pigtails. In this case, as shown above, you can strive for loose braids to make you feel good and look graceful and fashionable.

  • Voluminous double-sided braids

Do you want to make yourself unique by doingTry out amazing, quirky hairstyles? In this case, this hairstyle is the best option for you. All you have to do is make four strand Dutch braids on two sides. Once you have reached the bottom, you make your twists and turns to get a voluminous look. In addition, this updo looks better if you have healthy and thick natural hair.

  • Head braids

As already mentioned There are many varietiesplaited updos that are charming and seductive. This ladder is weaving one of them. Also, this hairstyle is not as hard to make as it is in the picture. Use the help of your confidante or beautician to create this style if you keep your eyes on it. These braids will most likely receive a lot of public attention.

  • Fundamental and yet rich

This basic yet richUpdo is the updo that many people consider when thinking of a French pigtail hairstyle. To replicate this hairstyle, untangle your hair and influence a normal to fishtail-shaped twist in the middle. It would suit any schoolboy, professional girl or experienced model.

  • Pull-through French braid

How is a French braid made?

To create this look, do the following:

  1. Start with one side as reverse French braid that flows to the other side.
  2. When you reach the other side, pull your braids through to get a voluminous look.
  3. Finally safe with a hair tie.
  4. The hairstyle is ready to show off at your party. She wears robes.
  • Waterfall hairstyles

A waterfall hairstyle is the ideal romantic oneHairstyle for every event. Also, this updo is the best approach if you need to take your summer styling to the next dimension. It could be a lot like a fight, but once you do the laid back procedure, a completely different creation is created for the daily appearance and party convention. The methods for this updo are listed below:

  1. Take a thick section of hair on one side and divide it into three subsections.
  2. For the three divided sections Take the front and back wires and cross them in the middle.
  3. Add a new section from the top of each additional step.
  4. Continue with steps two and three until you are done. Grab the other side of your head and pinch it.
  5. The waterfall mesh makes you look striking and different.
  6. In addition, you can leave your hair smooth, but if you want for more balance and finesse, highlights or ombre shades have been added.
  • Two French braids

This hairstyle is a special feature among theexemplary French twists. The hair is divided into two sections and both parts are framed as ordinary or inverted French braids starting from the top. Also, this look is great for young ladies who love looking cute and definitely for kids for their school updo. It's effortless to be done by everyone.

  • Roll It Up!

This hairstyle looks bizarre. But experimenting with great hairstyles characterizes you as courageous and conspicuous. You need to take hair out of the focus of your head and make French Twists. When you start to roll up the braids, add hair with each step. Continue turning it until you reach the scraps and secure it with a hair clip.

  • two-sided braided bread roll

Discard your boring hairstylesthis simple bun hairstyle. You should just mix the refinement of two sides to make a bun that brightens your overall appearance.

  • Keep it aside!

My ladies! Do you prefer simple updo over fancy? Then opt for these classic French braids. To look stunning even with the uncomplicated updo, keep it to the side and not the back.

  • Heart-shaped braids

This hairstyle is easy, but looksunusually unusual. To restore this look, you need to divide your hair into two parts down to the middle of your head. Make regular French braids for the two separate sides until you reach the bottom and tie with a hairpin. Then hold both braids tight, roll them up in the opposite direction, as shown in the picture, and cut them off. Her heart-shaped French braided updo is ready to turn many people's heads.

  • Twisted updo

The updo that is referenced inThe picture above looks like a perfectly braided updo. But it's the twisted hairdo in the form of braids. You need to take strands of hair on two sides and twist them. With every winding until you reach the base, twist and tie with a hair tie. You get a perfect updo to rock your daily appearance.

  • Halve French braids

This beautiful hairstyle requires specific steps that must be followed for an extremely nice finish. The procedures for this cute updo are as follows:

  1. Divide your hair into two sides up to the middle of your head.
  2. For one side, start making up to normal French braids. Put on the base and tie it up properly.
  3. Repeat the procedure on the other side as described in step 2.
  4. When the braids are finished, attach them with a hair tie by attaching.
  5. Leave the rest of your hair free for what it's worth.
  6. There you have your half-height French braids ready to look beautiful every day.
  • X-shaped hairstyle

A style comes from you. If you want to always look trendy and fashionable, you can easily create different hairstyles. The updo referred to here is nothing more than a normal French weave, which with a small change gets an X-shaped design. Just focus on the picture, and you can recreate this update in no time.

  • Braided ponytail

Are you a big ponytail lover? But would you like to add something new to your ponytail or say that you want to change your hairstyle? If so, make double-sided French braids until you reach the nape of the neck, and tie them as a low ponytail.

  • Braided ponytail or braided bun

This hairstyle has French braids from theBottom of your head upwards. When your braids reach the middle, tie them up as a high ponytail or roll them up as a top roll. A perfect hairstyle for the summer, to avoid the irritation of scorching heat.

  • Unique hairstyle for long hair

I feel that girl with naturallong hair are blessed as they can form into any desired style. The above hairstyle is unique and can be created with the help of a hairdresser. In addition, decorate the updo with dazzling embellishments that look like a cherry over the cake.

  • Right in the middle

The seductive point of view to thisHaircut is that braids are up in the middle. This net is then wrapped in a high ponytail with a hair that is elastic for a perfect and cleaner look.

  • Braided updo

Besides the different variations of braidsThe Netzverwindung is also a striking and eye-catching hairstyle. It is the least disturbing, straightforward and fastest hairstyle that is created by fusing Dutch and regular pigtails into a net-like design that ends with a lower ponytail or releases the hair.

  • Side braids for low bread rolls

Here is a side braided, low oneBread rolls that run extremely well with a wide selection of outfits. If you make the side braids one, two or three according to your wishes and to the side, the entire appearance is immaculately adjusted.

  • Ponytail in the waterfall

As in one of the previous postsmentioned, the waterfall hairstyle is the perfect way to cast a charming look. To get this look you need to create two layers of waterfall braids and tie a low ponytail after the second layer. You can also keep your hair curly or smooth at will.

  • Dutch Voluminous fishtail pigtails

Gray hair tint, one of the hottestHair sounds of the last days with young girls. Would you like to try something that helps you create a fashionista feeling? Strive for these voluminous Dutch fishtail pigtails that settle like a ponytail. It's easy and will be prepared in no time.

  • Zopfpferdeschwanz

Wish you take your usualPonytail hairstyle in another dimension? If so, place your pony on the side with iridescent French braids. It is pleasantly awesome and easy for a night or a day at the lake. Start with shiny side pegs that roll back to a medium-high ponytail. In addition, complete this hairstyle with loose waves that will charm you. You can also follow the steps in the image above to make your job easier.

  • Braided updo with side fishtail

Such hairstyles are best for hairevery length. Besides, young ladies can make this gorgeous haircut. The Fishtail Twist is woven from one side to the middle and fixed with a needle. This advanced look is exceptional with wavy hair and perfect for rare occasions and outfits.

  • Easy going, but attractive

In the picture you may have the ideahow this hairstyle can be combined well with a dazzling dress or party clothes, right? But once you've dared to try this updo for the glamorous event, you'll certainly be in the limelight. Examine the picture and try it without breaking your eye. It is incredibly simple and should be possible within a few minutes.

  • cross braids

Do you want unusual designs almost every day?try out? But do you go for the unique hair designs? If so, why not try the hairstyle above at least once? To do this, divide your hair into two sections and create standard Dutch French interstices. Anyway, before you continue with the regular turns, leave two thick strands of hair on both sides, so you need to make less cross to the end.

  • Amazing updo

Like some other pigtails we talk aboutSo far, this is the same thing. The main difference with this updo is that the braids are shaped so that small strands are taken off the side, leading to an amazing result towards the end. In addition, you can finally leave an unconventional impression with flowers.

  • Macrame braids on two sides

Immediately will be in one of the previous postspointed out that this type of haircut is the least difficult, the fastest, and the most uncomplicated. You must make a net-like braid on opposite sides, which is pulled through to the inside and connected to a closure. From there, make a reverse fishtail forward to your desired point. This is also a semi-up-and-down hairstyle with a mix of macrame and fishtail, which is ideal for you to look amazing.

  • Boxer braids tutorial

Boxer braids, to be precise, are normalDutch braids that have been trendy for many years. Anyway, boxer braids are unique compared to French hair braids. Train or train in any other form, this hairstyle will be your savior, as there should be no hair disorders during exercise.

We would also like to introduce you to different procedures for boxer braids to avoid confusion. What you could do:

  1. Tangle your hair and apply it to the hair cream for a smooth feel.
  2. Divide your hair into two sides.
  3. Divide your hair into three strands on one side and begin with a reverse braid until you reach the base of your hair.
  4. Continue on the other side as described in step 3.
  5. Give your hair a final touch with a fixative spray.
  6. With boxer braids, you can comfortably and safely participate in your workouts or sporting events.
  • Loose braids for long hair

This hairstyle takes a free oneFrench interlace streaming to the side and runs later than fish tail net. The loose braids, which are followed by a narrow fishtail, look wonderful and breathtaking. Leave the rest of your hair straight, wavy or kinky. This look would be incredible for work or a night out.

  • Sweet, upwards braided buns

Start with a French Braid head and ifYou have reached the focal point, rolling your hair like a high bun. In addition, the roll may be standard, donut or arc shaped as per your preference. This hairstyle will undoubtedly help you to earn a lot of recognition.

  • Braided hair being backfired as a high hair bun

This is the braided bun haircutexcellent if you plan to spend your weekend on the coast. The hair is carried to the side and the braid turns to the back of the head. A delicate and untidy roll emerges on a daring look. Also, it looks decent with the blond facial features.

  • Braided curls

Are you a curl lover? But are you afraid of damage that could be caused by electric curling irons? Leave all tensions aside and grab braided curls. All you have to do is make tight French braids either regularly or vice versa and leave them overnight. Also, turn slightly wet hair to get the perfect curls.

  • Braided ponytail with fishtail followed of romantic curls

You have to do one with your loverVisit NIGHT night? Are you looking for something fascinating and demanding on this occasion? Then try this braided ponytail followed by curls. You must first make a ponytail and then continue to the middle as a fishtail braid. Once you reach that point, tie your braids. Now make curls on the tip for the remaining hair and leave it for what it's worth.

  • Braids from above and below

Love to be with something unique and uniqueTo stand out from the crowd This hairstyle is something that most girls do not care about. You must make the usual French braids from the top and bottom until you reach the middle. Fix your turns in the middle and make a high ponytail from this point. It is absolutely fabulous and charming.

  • Reverse S-shape

This hairstyle also falls under the variation ofWaterfall hairstyles we have already talked about in detail. The updo begins, as shown above, with a braided waterfall pattern, which is continued in reverse S-shape to the lower part of the hair and placed with a rubber band. It is a wonderful hairstyle for casual days as well as for social gatherings when it is decorated with bright hair ornaments.

  • Bang Braid

Most girls, beauticians or hairstylists reading this post may not know how to make bangles.

How French Braid Your Own Hair? </ Strong> h3></ P>

To create this hairstyle, do the following:

  1. Twice braid three strands in front of your head.
  2. Then put a first and a second thread together the third strand and use a new strand as a replacement.
  3. Continue this process over the entire front of your head.
  4. When you reach the desired point, tie it together or firmly pin your hair.
  • French Braid Vs. Dutch braids

Dutch braids are nothing but an inverted version of the French variant. Some of the steps to create the two braids are listed below:

French Braid vs. French Braid Dutch braid

  1. Divide your hair in the middle into three sections as 1,2 and 3.
  2. Perform Section 1 on Section 2 and Section 3 on Section 1. For Dutch braid, take the parts from below.
  3. At each step, if you follow step 2, add a new replacement.
  4. When you reach the base, secure your hair with a hair tie.
  5. So French and Dutch braids have only one difference, which is that two other things stay the same.
  • Double-sided French pigtail tail

The French interlace ponytail is suitableIt's great for young ladies who like to look pretty or charming and girls who want to look stylish for their school. It makes a wonderful shell along the edges and the back of the head. You can also do double-sided weaves with one or two ponytails.

  • Wedding hairstyles

How do you make a French cable pattern?

A wedding is the big day of your wholeLife, and you deserve to be remembered in a memorable way. Here we have presented two different types of hairstyles, which you can replicate by your barber. A must try hairstyle for any bride.

  • Scarf Stild Updo

There are situations where you are not enoughHave time to make amazing updates for your important occasions or meetings with companions. So, to tackle such difficult times, try to look for simple hairstyles and improve them with something very catchy. We have shown an example of a fancy scarf that is wrapped around the braids and looks conspicuous.

  • Beautiful French cable pattern with a messy bun

For this updo, only the highest one has toPoint of the hair can be put into a nice cable pattern. Once the braids are done, anchor them as a carefree bun. This is an uncomplicated look that can be assembled in minutes. It looks good for those with long hair, whether it's wavy or smooth.

  • Hairstyles for short hair

The vast majority of young ladies withShort hair wandering around with the realization that they can not try hairstyles that young ladies with long hair can effectively do. However, this is a false observation that young ladies have been walking around for so long. Above are some types of short French pigtails that can be used by anyone and for any occasion.

  • French Braid Twisted Half-Up

you want to connect to the next dimensionTwo is the trending hairstyle and do you want the style? This style has French twist either one or two along the edges later framed as messy buns. The hair is half high, half run down. In addition, the braid is laid out loosely to represent a romantic look.

  • Infinite hairstyle

Unlike all other hairstyles this one byInfinity designed updo will certainly set you apart from the crowd. It can be difficult to create this hairstyle yourself. It is better if you go to a beauty center and ask your beautician to create it for you. It will certainly turn the heads of many to you.

  • Double Dutch braids to a low bun

A two-sided Dutch network to onelow bun is not only easy to carry. It also looks very tempting and charming. Take a look at the hairstyle you see on this picture and you'll understand why this hair styling is so popular.

  • Show you naughty on the beach!

Do you have any plans to go to the beach during the holidays?walk? And do you long to appear brave and lively on the beach? In this case you should try one of the above hairstyles and vividly glorify them.

  • Blond toned hairstyle

Blond! As you may know, it is one of the most popular hair tones of many young ladies in recent times. Above are shown different types of hairstyles that are absolutely captivating and chic. But what made these styles more eye-catching is the blonde hue. So if you are looking for one of the braided methods that still have a blond hue, you are at the center of your fascination.

  • French cable pattern with floral decoration

This hairstyle is bohemian inspired as it comes witha flower was revived. Form French meshes on opposite sides that flow to the center. When you reach the desired point, hold both braids overlapping. Finally beautify with a flower at the crown position. Add freshness to your style this season with this updo.

  • Braused Bun

Are you facing hair loss and frizziness? in the last days? Are you tired of not being seductive because of the hair problem? Do not worry, we have a solution that will help you overcome your tension and feel good. You should just make a typical French interlace to the scrubber and turn your remaining hair as a low bun. Tie it together with a shiny hair clip to create a new charm.

  • Twist the fishtail netting

It's another fantastic style, given thatIndications in the upper part to indicate such an extensive volume. It is conceivable to achieve a unique appearance with extensive free twits traced by fishtail spacers on both sides. The bluish hue is also what appeals to the general style more.

  • Braided updo

A hairstyle with multiple pigtails is at longHair is remarkable. The central braid is thick and breathtaking. Braids along the edge are turned into two flawless small turns that are worn tighter for a cleaner look.

  • Braided bun in flower shape

To achieve this look, disconnect theTop of your hair halfway up and halfway down. Divide the upper part into two or three parts and form a regular French weave until you reach the lower part. Next, keep the entirety of your twists under control and move them up like a flower-shaped bun. It's that simple. Also, this look is great and adorable.

  • Two wondrous French braid styles

This style with two French twists isnice with the mix of two different pigtails as well as the highlights that were reflected. With such long hair it is conceivable to make a fabulous turn. An attempt to use the hairstyle as such therefore gives you a remarkable insight.

  • French Braid Just at the Center

One of the most natural hairstyles must be thisbecause you have to make a French cable pattern in the middle and hold the remaining hair as a ponytail. It's the best option for girls who love to look fashionable but feel lazy trying great hairstyles.

  • Braided braid styles

Try this braid to the side, to oneto get an unobtrusive appearance. The hair is pulled properly from the side and runs over the back of the opposite shoulder. It is smooth and ideal to hang freely without strands. In addition, on winter days it is pleasant to carry a sweater with you.

  • Side ponytail with French braid

It is not always important to use several braids tooif you make a braided ponytail. It's an example of a one-sided braided ponytail that looks incredibly cool.

  • easy braid

Thinks that classic lookvast majority when thinking of a French pigtail hairstyle. It is braided in the middle. It would look decent for everyone, and this thick, smooth twist is great for long hair that can be made in minutes.

  • Headband braids

Do you want your haircut a uniqueGive expression? Choose a headband! But wait! No headband available on the market is suitable for decorating the hair with a headband. Above is a picture with procedures for making an ideal headband for intertwining. Take a look at this and try to get that extraordinary look.

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  • Nice braids with two bread rolls

These two French braids, which are anchored as outer space buns, give a noble appearance. The braids on the top look incredible with the included highlights.

  • Nice haircut

This pretty hairstyle for long hair unites threeTurns in one. The focus is straight braided inside and kept free for a contemporary look. In addition, the hair underneath is braided into two narrower braids, one on each side. The assembly of this appearance does not take long, but is justified despite all difficulties.

  • Fishtail Pony

How to fishtail pony?

  1. Take two strands of hair from the top of the head.
  2. Cross part 3 from right to left.
  3. Then cross part 4 from right to left.
  4. Move strands 5 and 6 from the respective sides.
  5. Finally, cross parts 7 and 8 from the respective pages.
  6. Continue until you have braided all your hair.
  7. Finished!
  • Double-sided braids on curly hair

Curly hair is difficult to handle. To avoid these difficulties and irritations, try these two-sided Dutch braids. It looks fashionably elegant and refined.

  • Half-Up braids

These are the different variants of Half-UpPigtails. Up, down braids perfect for you to rock your casual days. The mesh or twists on two sides are pulled back into a ponytail with a wrapped rubber band, which in turn continues as a braid. It's a beautiful updo.

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