Hair colors give a hairdo so much flairand dimension. Over the years, the popularity of colors has changed dramatically. The hair color of the current generation tends to bold and daring tones. Women are more attracted to blue and purple hair and wear it off well. The hair color combination has made the rounds on all social media sites, and we love how balanced they are. These shades can make anyone faint! These colors are certainly a must for the season!

Blue and purple are both dark colors andgive the hair depth and riddles. Purple is a great color that you can try, no matter what your skin tone is. You can adjust the intensity of these colors to your skin. By choosing the perfect shade, you can get the most out of your complexion and even highlight your eye colors. These colors are very unnatural and therefore they are so trendy. Gone are the days to stay safe and pleasant hair colors. Try something fun and unique and change your overall style. Here are 115 ideas for blue and purple hair to inspire you here.

light colors

These bright blues and purple hair drooled us over it. The hair colors are perfect if you do not want to have a very bright color for yourself.

This is another easy approach to theblue and purple hair that we love. These colors are so bright that they look almost like lavender. Try this hairstyle that is going around in social media these days.

Magenta hair

This dark magenta hair with blue accents looks great. The colors are also beautiful and daring.


If you dye your hair in dark colors, every hairstyle will be beautiful. The bright purple with darker, lighter shades of blue has made this curly look a must. Try.

Beautiful combination

This combination of blue and purple hair issimply stunning, simply gorgeous. If you get such a hair color, your hair can become dry and brittle. So you have to pay special attention to your hair after dyeing.

Seafoam Green

Both sides of this hairstyle have bright colors. One side has Seafoam green with blue and the other side has pink and purple nuances. These contrasting colors look fantastic with the pigtails.

Purple highlights

Brighten your dull hair with lively highlights. The bright purple adds color to the dark black hair and breaks the monotony.

lilac hair

This lilac has turquoise nuances andit looks very light and pretty. This is a color that needs to be done in a salon. It can be a bit complicated to do this at your home.

Arctic Fox Purple Rain and Poseidon

This hair color can be achieved by mixing the colorThe colors are Purple rain and Poseidon from the Arctic Fox brand. These colors blend well but will inevitably fade over time.

Metallic purple

Metallic purple is a bold and bright color choice. The darker blue roots with metallic purple accents transform your hair from dull into fabulous!

Pink and purple

The pink and violet nuances merge well together. This unusual hair color will make you look great.

Blue stripes

This hair has a mixture of purple, pink and black hair throughout. The ends here have blue stripes and give the hairstyle so much flair.

Demi Lovato's hair

Demi looks especially good in this hairstyle. The dark roots and light blue hair colors are good for her. The short hair makes this look edgier!

side braids

Choose any hairstyle if you have a nice hair color in your hair and you will look stunning. These braids work well with the colors.

Black, blue ombre

Ombre hair is a popular trend for hair dyeing. The colors you choose for an Ombre can make a big difference. Choose this blue and black ombre hair for a well-revamped look. Choose as darker or lighter blues as you like.


The colors here are very fascinating. These vibrant colors bring out the best in you! Try these blue and purple hair colors and look young and funky!


Get this magical hairstyle and we know you will love it! This light color mix has a very fairytale flair, and we dig it out!

Blonde and blue

The blond hair is turquoise and dark blue looks very nice. This is unique. Here are some light purple hints on the ends to complete the look.

Blonde and blue hair can be a slightly different combination, and that's great if you want to stand out!

Blue green

The teal and purple have a trendy choiceand it's a good choice if you have short hair. This is undoubtedly a great setting for blue and purple hair. We love how beautiful and good this look is.

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the fringes

The bluish-purple short hair is lifted by pony to a new level. The intensity of the colors makes this a striking hair color. This is a bold color picker.

Arctic Fox

Another dye from Arctic Fox called Marine Blue. Try this cool hair color and make sure you look after your curls afterwards.


Natural Curls

Natura-curls fit very well with strong colors. The colors will look great when you mix and match them to highlight your complexion. You can choose dark nuances or change the colors with a variety of colors.

Blue Lavender Hair

This is another purple-violet hair with amazing, blue undertones. The shades work well for pale skin and complement it well. </ P>

Blue and lavender

The darker Blue goes well with the lighter purple Lavender color. This is a good choice for young girls who want a subtle hairstyle.

Stay on the safe side

If you color your hair in such bright blue tones, you need to pay special attention to your hair locks. Make sure that you use the safe color shampoo to keep the colors bright.

Short Hair

Here are some ideas for short hair colors. You can try each of these combinations and we are sure you will love the results.

Style it

You can choose any one as soon as you have colored your hair in bright, powerful tones, you can stylize it. Use a curler to get Texture and shape in your hair. If you feel like natural curls, you can swipe through your curly hair. This gives you a natural, effortless curly hair.


Bobs are a fashionable haircut. and we love to make the simple haircut with strong hair colors. The colors here in this Bob are exquisite.

Purple blue hair

The dark blue and purple tones make your hair look mysterious and give you depth . Style them with similar colored accessories to add Details.

Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, you can try this purple and blue hair color. The purple hue is on the Blue and the colors change very smoothly.

Pastel pink

Pastel pink hair is adorable and it goes well with the bright Blue. The lures here exaggerate the colors and give it a high shine.

Notes to Rosa

Add a touch of dark, in order to make the hair brighter and brighter fun. Choose the hair tones brighter or darker as you like.

Hair accessories

The mixture of unicorn hair color is beautiful. In addition to the colors, the hair jewelry adds so much Flair and elegance to the appearance.

Tips of silver

Here we have traces of silver hair that give the hair a light hair, and breaks through all of the dark colors.

Alternative Hair

Color alternative hair strands in purple and Blue and enjoy this funny look. There are many options for you here, and we are sure you will love this irregular color pattern.

You can do this with brighter blue and purple tones or make the colors appear somewhat dark. Nevertheless, they look beautiful.

Black Roots

Keep your roots darker and choose a deep blue hue to highlight the best of them. This is a great look if you have blue eyes.


Get gorgeous and glamorous with the Best of Blue and purple. The shadows will surely steal hearts!


A bow is a great way to look pretty and sweet for teenagers. If you have colored hair, the bow will jump out even more! But this look is not only intended for teenagers; you can also try it if you are no longer so young!

Gray tone

Try to throw some grey tones to your hair and get a unique combination of grey and Blue and purple hair for you! This is a completely different look and will surely make you happy for a long time.


Keep your locks straight and enjoy how nicely the dark sea blue and bright purple looks amazing on you! The Trend of blue and purple hair is certainly filled with hairstyles like this.

Hair to Dye!

</ P>

Get the galaxy-hair-dye-Trend. You will definitely feel different with this choice of hair colors! Make sure you visit your hairdresser to experience this hot new Trend!

Kylie Ombre Hair

Kylie Jenner looks beautiful and beats the greenish blue hair colors. Her short hair Ombre is simply charming. Due to the darker roots and the light, bright hair color at the base, this is exciting.

Pink Ombre Hair

The combination of pink and purple hair is always beautiful. However, you need to pay special attention to your curls if you want them to look healthy and healthy.


Braids are a simple and classic choice for whenever we want to make a quick and pretty hairstyle, but they are excellent even if you want a sophisticated and elegant hairstyle. Here are some braided blue and purple hair options from which you can choose!


This hairstyle is girly and cute, and we love the flow of colors here. Try it with short Bobs, if you are interested in this look.

The Brave One

This bold look is not for the faint of heart. This bright and beautiful appearance is hard and a brave choice.

Turquoise Blue

If you are someone who wants a light hair color, choose this one. The bright turquoise at the end will definitely please you!

Fast Neon

This blue and purple hair is so bright that it looks almost like Neon. These bright colors are one of our favorites.

Long Locks

If you have long Locks, there are a couple of hair color options for you.

If you have a longer hair length, you should opt for these dark purple tones. Here, too, there are brighter tones that look like Highlights for the hair.

Here is another blue-violet hair that seamlessly merges into one another.

Space Buns

Make your hairstyle even more cute by choosing some Space Buns. These buns are great for a casual day and are simply charming. The blue and purple hair looks fabulous!


This haircut adds a unique Element to the hair colors. The bright colors fit well with the sharp cuts. With this hairstyle you can surely look like a figure from an Anime!

Brown Hair

If you have natural brown hair, you have here a colorful blue and purple dyeing possibility for you! The brownish hair is well visible even with bright tones. This look has the perfect depth, and we love this flattering look.

Pixie Cut

A stylish Pixie doesn't mean you can't amplify anything above. You can choose bright hair colors and spice up your elves, like never before. There are some ideas that you can try, if you have a Pixie haircut and blue and purple hair.

Mermaid Hair

If you always wanted mermaid-like hair, then this is the right one for you! This hair shades, giving a mermaid-ocean-like Vibe, and we love it!

Pure purples

Here is some real purple hair color that fits well to dark hair. The darker black roots complement the purple tones perfectly! This will help you get a deep, sultry look.

If you do not want to have purple nuances everywhere, color your hair here and there for some beautiful curls! This is perfect if you just want to have a touch of colors in your hair.

Up close

Look at these strands close up and enjoy these beautiful colors. Here you can be sure to be inspired for your hair color.


If you tie them, colored hair appears. The color stripes appear good and look noticeable when you move day by day!


The top knot here is amazing. The colors here are so gorgeous and provide a perfect everyday look. This uncomplicated look is so appealing that it looks better if you get messed up with it!

Waves or Curls

The texture of your hair does not matter in this hair color trend . You can choose any blue tone or purple, regardless of whether you have waves or curls. They will look beautiful!

Baby blue

If you want to take things to the next level, choose these bright baby blue hue, and you will look out of this world. The hair color is not very common and will certainly help you to cause itself in the mass.

Dual Tone

This two-tone hair color immediately catches the eye. The colors are vivid and the way they merge is beautiful.

Mix them together

You mix the purple and blue tones and opt for hair trends you love. You can find the perfect match for you and experiment until you do it. Make sure you choose a color that highlights your eye color and the undertones of your skin.


This vibrating purple Element is a very vivid choice. We love this game of dark and light purple species that make the hair look healthier and more shiny.

Colour melting

There are many techniques to dye the hair once go by. Such a hair trend is the colour-melting Trick, in which colours are melted together from several tones for a natural appearance. Here you can see the result of color blending with blue and purple hair.

Pastel Love

Pastel colours are very soft and surely give a romantic atmosphere. Try these combinations of pastel shades, and we are sure that you will fall in love!

Pastels can be a really difficult color, and this is the reason why you need something more patient and wait until your hair looks like these beautiful shades.


This Trend towards hair colours gained great popularity in 2019. These shades were used by so many influential celebrities we love these light pastel tones.


The process of getting blue and purple hair can be a little longer and time-consuming. But you'll get beautiful hair when it's over. Be patient and wait for something magical in the end!


This combination of Purple, Blue and Green is beautiful. Try it, if you love a splash of color. We are sure that these colors will give your look more vibrancy and brightness.

Things to know about blue and purple hair

When you choose blue and purple hair, you need to know certain things. You can not get into such bright and deep hair colors and do not worry about your curls. Here are a few useful tips for you, if you want to pull the shades for yourself consider.

  1. Her hair color fades over time. usually after a week or even days!
  2. You need to start taking care of your hair after you have dyed it.
  3. You'll see the color wash out in the shower.
  4. The colors pollute your pillowcases and even your towel!
  5. You need to wash your hair in cold water.
  6. You also need to lower the hair frequency of washing the hair.
  7. It can be difficult to reach blue and violet hair, so be patient.
  8. Make sure you use special Shampoos to protect your hair color.

You make a decision

At this point, you may find it hard to do these tasks, but believe us that the results will be amazing. The colors will really transform your hair and make it look different and unique. It can be a little intimidating to try on such hair colors, and it is normal to get cold feet before setting yourself up with such dark tones! You can take the time, and these color tones to get the perfect hair of your dreams!

These hair colors can be a stunning Couple. The hair colors are suitable for everyone and can be designed to look as bold and lively or dull and dark as you like. Make sure you get these hair colours from the hands of a talented hairdresser. You wouldn't want to mess up those dark shadows! Make sure that you also get as many tips as possible from your hair to protect your hair from color damage.

We hope you have all the inspirationsyou will need to try this rocky color combination. Our collection had something for everyone and every hair length and texture. The collection offers some great color options and gives the look a great depth and dimension. If you try these hair colors, make sure you share your experience with us! Share your thoughts in the comments box below and share this article if you liked it.

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