Ponytails and pony sound like in theNineties high school or, worse, just a hairstyle in the gym to make up for bad hair. But the fringe and the ponies have decided to change that attitude. Ponytails with pony are everywhere, on the canvas, on the canvas, on runways and red carpets.

Whether you like Rita Ora's Rainbow Ombre Ponytailor Serena Williams, wanting to get their hands on a high, gold-carved, three-ply ponytail. And yes, the modest ponytail has many ways to dress up, making it a super chic red carpet hairstyle. Okay, let's go to the styles of the pony-spirits list!

Slender rainbow ombre ponytail

I do not have enough words to express howpretty and smart this look is, despite the simplicity of the technique. It's a slender, rainbow-colored ponytail made of purple and blue ombre. BUT, that does not make this ponytail an eye-catcher. It's the addition of a pink sparkling hair pin to her off-center part and the wavy sideburns that shape her face. Would you add Rita Ora's to your lookbook?

Here's another casual ponytailin a sweeping pastel tone. It's a super high pony and does not require an extra bling. It looks very cool too! It's your alternative if you do not just prefer straight hair. The messy hair is trendy. And with long bangs that are shared on each side, it framed the face well.

When it comes to the hair dyeing techniques that thePastel colors can complement really well, we recommend the choice 'Sombre' or 'Splashlights'. Both are downright dramatic, while the dark hair roots are preserved. A series of highlights that move horizontally across the hair create the illusion that you are in the spotlight. How cool is that?

Platinum-blond disheveled pony with severed long pony

Samantha Ravndahl's gorgeous and 'bad-girl'But romantic hairstyle is made sure to steal the hearts of men. The stunning platinum blonde messy ponytail with loose side bangs completes the bold make-up perfectly. A similar style (picture below) is just as nice with a higher ponytail.

Not to say, this look is veryversatile in terms of style selection. It can look great on a chic dress as well as in a simple tank top and jeans. Even if you are not blonde, this model looks equally amazing with brunettes and redheaded ladies. I think of a pair of elegant cuff earrings as a conclusion!

Pom Pom ponytail with full pony

Here's another seductive onePonytail with pony by Hollywood star Olivia Wilde. The actress certainly knows how to attract attention, no matter how strange it is for some fashion gurus. We get the feeling of a futuristic badass warrior vibe through the numerous high ponytail. She stepped out and shook the bulbous "amp" with a full pony, flaunting her conspicuous feline eyes. It looks stylish, it's fun, but it does not look like you're trying too hard to look sexy.

Gothic Green Tall ponytail with blunt pony

This super practical ponytail shows onecourageous and outstanding personality! Thanks to Dre Ronayne, the pastel green has the hashtag #rocklove and is strikingly beautiful. Looking hot in Goth does not have to be exaggerating. It is safe to say that colorful ponytail hairstyles have a moment. Ronayne's tall green pony was comfortably secured with a ribbon. This gothic princess tail with strong pony and dramatic make-up is an absolute highlight in our style book! / h3>

It's so easy with thatDutch plait and the long, sideways swept chunky pony so cute to find. The look is adorable, it can fit either for long curly hair or long straight hair. Best of all, it's an all-occasion style, weddings, meeting friends on a Friday night, even as simple as a day coffee date.

The look can either be voluminousPonytail which is a perfect style for women with thin main line. Or just let it be with its natural volume, if you have thick wavy curls. Some may not like the waves to complete the style, but it's a great option to enhance the look.

Side ponytail with side part Long pony

We are with the normal, low braidedPonytail familiar and definitely find it sweet, if he is a bit loose. What is even nicer, however, is a ponytail with a lateral braid, which is provided with a laterally curved pony, which of course gives the appearance a drama. It's pretty easy, but not boring, if you know how to rock it! Just look at the hairstyle that draws attention to the eyes of Victoria Secret, Karlie Kloss. Add dramatic additions. The bonus part is, it does not take too long to make and works for every occasion.

Ponytail with side strokes

What I like about this type of ponytailmiddle hair is more than just a hurry-and-go style. It's a simple low ponytail that prefers women with thick hair. If you want to copy this look, it is best if you already have Lob or Long Bob razoRot to present the choppy ends. This is the whole style.

A hair mousse provides a natural-looking, messy appearance to achieve the effect that is just coming out of the shower. This hair is relaxed and yet chic.

Dutch braid and plaited ponytail

This style has a DutchBraid and a braided ponytail with a long pony. It's a perfect pony style when you want to switch from Dutch pigtail ponytail to a ponytail. It is a relaxed one Braid , which is an ideal hairstyle for everyday life.

You can use a super smooth DutchStart braid with a braided bangs and then slightly reinforce it, creating a disheveled look that allows flyaways and produces more hair to create long beats. Then loosen the sides of the braid to make it fuller. It's the stylish version of the in-a-hurry hairstyle.

Wavy ponytail with curved fringes and longer side threads

One of the most desirable hairspirations is thewavy ponytail by Jennifer Gardner with full pony. What's even slimmer are the long side threads that complete the full bangs. It looks youthful and fun.

Emma Stone's style is a bit different. She had a slightly loose ponytail and sexy pony in the middle. It's a very simple ponytail style that suits every occasion. Some people call it "celebrity crush pony" and can you blame them? The name fits perfectly with the hairstyle.

Loose ponytail with laterally curved pony

Loose ponytail looks easy, effortlessand is easy to dress on any occasion You can wear a loose ponytail for work and maintain the same hairstyle if you want to change into a party outfit. Just take Reese Miterspoon's simple and elegant hair. When it comes to make-up, it's best to choose a color palette that will match your outfit and hair color.

Beehive-inspired ponytail with laterally curved pony

We saw Jessica Biel's full pony, andWe all love how we envied her cheekbones. She took off another haircut with a pony. But this time it is swept aside and a longer part of her pony remains free to the side. The hairstyle looks so cute on brunettes, but also women with blonde can be just as cute with this ponytail.

But she is not the only one who has thisflashy pony has rocked. The queen of the pony Zooey Deschanel brought a different view on pony + pony appearance. It's not just the ponies that caught our eye. It's her long hair tied together in a curly ponytail. They are reminiscent of the wild hairstyles of the 60s.

Invisible ponytail with side-part pony

I think it's pretty romantic, oneinvisible ponytail, as long as it connects seamlessly with your own hair. With this messy and tidy look you will be downright cheeky and playful. No wonder why she is one of the most popular hairstyles for women, because they are very elegant and versatile.

This ponytail model can be for everyoneHair types, as long as you straighten or blow out your hair for great results. They can be styled in various ways and work both at work and in casual wear. Love this even more if you are adorned with diamonds!

Smooth ponytail with heavy, full pony

Somehow I have the feeling that Jada PinkettSmith's slender ponytail and this heavy pony give the two-time mother a serious, youthful glow. To copy their looks, choose earth colors for your make-up and keep the aesthetics natural.

You can change this pony style to two morePerform types: - slightly "unfixed" or "semi-loose" for informal clothing. And with the wine red ponytail for the party-ready look. Women with long, straight hair can wear an elegant ponytail, whatever they want.

When it comes to adding accessories,Do not let that surprise you with your overall appearance. The idea shows sexy superhero vibes and at the same time super elegant and feminine. It's a ponytail that can be both serious and fun.

Twisted high ponytail

A ponytail is a fast and easy oneModel for sweaty summer days. Jennifer Lopez is the first to remember a high and narrow ponytail. She does, however, without the pony. Lea Michele took another route with braided ponytails. She added cute full pony to give her high ponytail a youthful vibe. It's two of the best celebrity pony for ultimate ponytail inspiration.

Bouffant-inspired ponytail with pony

The 60s The versatile era played oneimportant role in creating this beautiful, voluminous ponytail hairstyle. In fact it is because it has just been given a 60s overhaul by adding a bouffant to the normal ponytail.

Luckily, even people with thin hair canshake that look. Boost your bow for a stronger 60s vibe! We saw enough blondes and brunettes with this hairstyle. The reproduction of the famous 60s in copper shrill slyly cheeky!


Center-Parted Sexy Teasing Ponytail

Paste The word "sexy" gives this defiant onePonytail Hairstyle Right. A classic "voluminous pony" is a bit weird if you want to use an "unkempt" version of this ponytail for layered haircuts. But hey, who does not want a perky ponytail?

Long brunette woman with wobbly ends, onemessy ponytail and whipping pony. Complete the look with black or brunette hair with striking eyeliner and peachy Lippie! It's cool, it's chic, with little to no effort to style in five minutes.

Ponytail made of soft swoop

Some important hairstyles by celebrities likeRihanna, just look at her supple bang! If you have a hip-length mane, you should give this beautiful hairstyle a shot. It's Divided Deep on One Side and Made into a Long Ponytail What makes this ponytail so head-turner looks chic and seductive.

The best part is that it's with dramaticdark or bloody red lipstick can be balanced. Add some cat-like eyeliner strips and sexy earrings. If you would like to refine it with color, choose the "splashlights" for futuristic mood. If you do not have a very long mane, but want to copy the style, you can always Add hair extensions to restore the look you want.

Glamorous, low side ponytail with curved bangs

If you love glamor, this one is sexyLow-side ponytail the right way. Beyonce's wavy pony is easy to reconstruct. Start with a deep parting to the side. Apply a smoothing gel and straighten your hair with a round brush. Turn your hair aside under your ear and attach it with a rubber band. Finish with hair spray to achieve the shape. Complete the look with a glamorous pair of chandeliers or drop earrings.

Wispy hair ponytail

To create air humidity between the curlsMaking your hair more chaotic than life sweating your way into a messy bun does not seem to hit the look you want, because the hairstyle "I'm so awake" may be a bit disgusting. This hairstyle can look incredibly cool with every street wear, hair color and hair texture. You can skip your conditioner and just shampoo your ruffled cock. The wispy ends add a zing to them.

Add some matte texturizerbefore you tie your hair. If you choose this style, you do not have to worry every day about taming your baby hair. A way to turn this "messy" pony into fashion, make up some naughty hoops and blue eyes. It does not have to be blue, but everything that makes your look more fun.

Pony tail with ribbon

Social media is flooded withYear-end summaries that include the ribbon trend for ponytails. I know that many of you may think that it is for little girls! Well, not anymore. Nicole Kidman, Hollywood A-Lister, made it look like an adult pony, with her cute ponytail and a black band. Tie your hair at will. Low, side or super high pony!

To achieve this look (on top of thePhoto), moisten the hair roots with a leave-in conditioner, and brush the hair back in. Your fingers like "finger comb". Then a blowout spray is applied to the roots while combing with your fingers. Blow-dry your hair dryer until it builds up the desired volume, grain and texture.

You have the option of loose waves for theTo generate movement. Shake the waves (again with your fingers) from the roots until they are dry before attaching a rubber band or rubber band to the point where the tail is to be attached. Then put it on with your favorite ribbon.

Messy half bun with wavy bangs

Zooey Deschanel has always been known asQueen of the pony, and she keeps failing to impress us! When she came out in that messy half-roll, many start copying her ponytail next door. Why would not they? It's super cute, even if you do not feel like dressing. If you tie half of your hair into a messy ponytail on your head and make your slightly parted pony, then this is a real game.

Headband Ponytail

Sometimes pins are not enough to get it rightto behave. You can always count on a cute knit headband. You will not look like your uniform for an aerobics class. It also supports your look stylistically. Grab a knitted headband after tying your hair into a ponytail, and then let your pony and tendrils work the magic on your face. In addition, a scrunchie would look best as an elastic band.

The ponytail of the tie

The trick for this ponytail is afterYou have your hair tied, take a strand of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around the tie. The rest is up to you. You can make the slender ponytail with laterally swept or laterally beaten pony.

You can also do the trendy pony with onevoluminous wavy tail and loose tendrils along the Ponyrandes choose. Some girls with very long mane add this to their super high ponytail with a French braid.

We are not finished yet. Other styles to inspire you!

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