Nothing works better with darker anddeeper brunette hair than lighter, lighter highlights. This is especially the case if you are looking for an appearance that really stands out. There are many benefits to having multicolored hair. We will treat some of them for dark hair during these stunning blonde highlights. We would like to know which ones are your favorites. Make sure you come back and let us know!

1. Blonde Balayage highlights

There are so many sounds to choose fromIf you are talking about adding stunning blond highlights to dark hair. First, it's the cool beige, mixed with the neutral and nude tones that range to deeper and darker tones - honey blondes, for example, with their slightly red reflections and brown, sugar-like nuances. It does not matter what kind of brunette you rock, there's a way to add highlights that will be very flattering to you.

: @aaashleee

2. Honey Blonde Highlights

What do you think about honey highlights? It is a shade that many can easily wear, regardless of skin color and complexion. It's also a fun way to lighten the mood if you naturally have dark hair. Remember that the highlighted areas must be bleached. If you want to give your hair a break, you should choose less. Maybe one is required.

: @ sadiejcre8s

3. Blond & Caramel Highlights

There is a big reason why the BalayageOmbre is such a great success right now - it's because the regrowth of the roots is phenomenal. You will not come across a hairstyle that is as easy to care for as this one. As long as your highlights do not start right at the roots and a darker hue turns into a lighter one, you can allow for more natural growth hues above. This means that you can go a few weeks before the salon dates. This will give your hair a break and save you a few hundred dollars, even if you look a few months.

: @paintedhair

4. Highlights on dark, layered hair

If you give your dark brown hair anotherIf you want to add dimension, you should refine your blond highlights with a touch of tangerine. The "Blues" look is currently very large and will look pretty spectacular against a background of dark contrast.

: @haarluvbytiffany

5. Subsidiary

If you want to add some color, butNot too much color, choose these highlights to frame your face rather than spreading all over your face. It will prevent you from playing around with your hair too much, and it will keep it from treatments that could affect your health. It is also softer to demolish.

: @butterflyloftsalon

6. Dark about caramel to blond. Ombre

This is a look that is not easy at homeespecially if you're not a real professional when it comes to dyeing your own hair. Collect as many pictures as you can to show a barber what kind of finish you want. The more images you have of the kind of blond highlights for dark hair you want, the more you can share the image with him / her. Also, the higher the likelihood that you will come out of the salon with a stunning look everyone will be impressed with.

: @aaashleee

7. Sun-kissed hair

If you have the length on your side isThis sun kissed hair is perfect for you. The goal of the game is to hand-paint the lighter tones on your hair, but only in those places where the sun would naturally hit it. These lighter tones will be mainly around the top layers of the hair, going back to the old-fashioned style of highlighting. Forget the lowlights and if you do not want to forget them, keep them relatively dark. Do you remember that you should cast shadows and imitate light and dark?

: @jayrua_glam

8. Blonde Ombre

This is a really gentle affair andshe was effortlessly made into a glamor with the help of these big, rolling waves. A large round brush will help you nailing them, styling your hair while it is drying, and increasing the volume with your hair dryer. You'll also find that a good volume mousse product works wonders, especially if you want your hair to stay strong.

: @ mastersfbalayage

9. Highlighted praise

If you're just breeding a bob, that's a praisedefinitely the right way. A praise is basically a long-bob ... the name betrays it a bit, do not you think? Add to the occasion some beautiful blonde highlights that are brighter towards the middle and more intense towards the ends. This is the look you will still have.

: @ the_blondologist

10. Golden ribbons in blond

If you want something impressive, but simplesmall peekaboo highlights that stand out from the lengths of your naturally dark hair are a great way forward. There are also some light reds in this look. As mentioned before, there are so many ways to put blonde highlights on dark hair that there is always something for your hair and skin type.

: @haarbyamberjoy

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