Balayage hair color trends

balayageis a term that you frequently use in 2019to hear. However, if you're having trouble figuring out the difference between ombre, balayage and bleak, babylights and all the other buzz words that make girls who are a great day for hair every day pet their selfies in their salon, do not stress. Take a look and have fun!

We effectively have our most popularBalayage searches for the summer (and the past) put together. At that time, we went over to a slightly unique shading method as we compiled a compilation of our most popular dark ombré looks. What is the difference between Balayage and Ombré, ask? To make it short, the hair of Ombré starts dull and rise to a lighter shade on the closures.

A little statement about balayage

Balayage is certainly not a particular shadeor a certain look, but the real method by which beauticians apply functions. The name means "color" or "area" in French. At Balayage, the color is hands-free connected to the hair, using vertical strokes rather than a stroke, as if you were painting shades on the hair. In this way, the beautician can undoubtedly create the dimension of shading from the middle bay to the closures, so that the results become milder, more frequently observed and evolved, without shouting, "I have not been to the salon for a while. "And considering the fact that non-stars can not do so much at home, Balayage is a stunning and luxurious look.

Balayage in turn is interrupted byFeatures are shown that are scattered throughout the hair, virtually as inconspicuous color strokes. As beautician Janna Velasquez of the Bomane Salon in Beverly Hills once put it: "Balayage is a freehand-painting process that mostly does not concentrate on the best hair layer and creates an ever more regular and dimensional handling of the look." Basically you look up to one comparable, but not the equivalent. Read the distinction between the two procedures step by step.

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