Hair can mean the world to us and itIt may take a long time to find a style that we love. Many of us have long, straight hair, but want a change. Adding layers to your hair does not change the style, maintains the length, but adds volume and enhances your fine strands. Long layered hair looks dreamy and amazing. It's a simple hairstyle that every girl loves. If you've managed to get through the short stages of your hair and now have long, flowing hair, are you thinking about shingles? Layers in long hair can make a big difference to your hair, even if you still have the length to play with. If you choose layers, the weight of your hair may decrease. This is ideal for thicker hair. You can have layers of curly or straight hair and we are here to show you. Change your hair a little bit by adding layers.

We have 51 eye catching hairstyles with long onesLayers selected that you can think about. Enjoy it and remember that you still have the length. So do not be afraid to add layers to your hair.

1. Long, layered blond hair

Long layers can increase the volume andGive your hair movement. When you add layers to long blond hair, you look stunning. It's a versatile hairstyle and you can either wear your hair up or down. How you wear it is up to you and whatever you choose, your layers will look great!

: @riawna

2. Wind-whipped layers

With windswept layers you manageromantic feeling. These wind-whipped layers are perfect for long hair. You will free your inner goddess and you will feel that there are wind machines in front of you shaping your beautiful hair. It is ideal for thin or thick hair. Wind-lashed layers make for a delicate and girlish hairstyle. So rock your layers.

: @mariohenriqueoficial

3. Curly, highlighted levels

Do not let anyone tell you that levelslook better on straight hair. Take a look at this photo to show it looks great! The layers will form curly layers and enhance your hair even more. By adding highlights to the mix, the layers will be highlighted and glowing. Keep the top of your hair darker for the contrast, and the highlights speak for themselves.

: @ rafaelbertolucci1

4th layer haircut for brunette

Are you a brunette or would you like theDye hair brown? This is a great color for long hair and layers. The front layers frame your face and the back looks amazing from all angles. If you choose this style, keep your hair shiny and healthy with a color-treated shampoo and conditioner.

: @maxwellmathson

5th levels + Blonde Ombre

What a perfect match! Levels and blonde ombre highlights are the dream of a fashion fan! The blond ombre highlights bring out the layers and complement your hairstyle. This style looks great, as you can see in the photo above, but it also looks great when tied back. The highlights are really remarkable.

: @billicurrie

6. Choppy layers

If you have thin hair, you can use layersAdd to increase the energy immediately. It will make your hair look healthy and fabulous. Choppy levels provide a breathtaking view from every angle. This is one of the hairstyles' favorite hairstyles that needs to be done right now, as it has an edgy and rocking chick mood.

: @ rafaelbertolucci1

7. Face-Framing Layers

Long hair can be a bit boring sometimes. If you are straight down, add long-haired face framing that creates more style. It lifts your face and your hair feels fresh. You've turned your hair into a trend-style by adding just a few layers. It will feel so different to you even though you have kept your hair length, which will make you feel fabulous. Walk down the street as if you were walking down the catwalk, girl!

: @kakagomes

8. Layers + Balayage Highlights

Do you want a natural, long hairstyle? This is for you. Our # 8 look is a gorgeous, long layered hairstyle with balayage highlights. These highlights are a natural way to add color without seeming too obvious. This kind of highlights is taking the hairdressing world by storm. Many people opt for the natural look rather than the traditional cap-style highlights. Levels like these will complement your new cutting-edge technique, and all your friends will envy you for your new hair.

: @ nikkilee901

9. exhaust layers

We all love the exhaust layers. They have a magical look and make you feel like visiting your hair salon every day. When the layers are cut like that, you stand on a winner and will look fantastic every day.

: @ rafaelbertolucci1

10. Two-length layers

A suggestion would be to consider which onesTypes of Layers You want to go straight to the hairdresser before you go. After consulting with your hairdresser, it is easy to talk about wanting a multi-layered look. However, if you want a multi-layered look, you need to work it out. This is a layer style with two lengths. It looks incredible, with a touch of color at the bottom of the levels.

: @ hair girl girl

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