First, congratulations, you will be bridesmaid,or maybe you're the bride looking for inspiration for your bridesmaid hair that day, no matter in what exciting time. Searching the web for bridesmaid hairstyles can be a nightmare, there are so many different styles to choose from. Our advice would be to have a general idea of ​​what you want. It's a lot easier this way because it can be overwhelming and you lose sight of what you love at first.

If the bride has already chosen her hairstyleNext you have to choose the bridesmaids. I would suggest this detour so that the bridesmaid's hair is not the same and then it complements the bride's hair. The hair of the bridesmaids must look stunning as they are photographed all day long. So it's a big decision. Are you going to have a theme wedding? For example, you may want all your bridesmaids to have their hair up to a bun to keep them all the same, or let them all go freestyle and show their character. We have selected 35 beautiful updos that you can think about.

1. Elegant bread roll

Do you have a roll.

: @ hairandmakeupbysteph

The bun is simple and always elegant. You can always add pigtails or twists to create a more detailed hairstyle. This is a tight and tidy bun that will last the whole day. It has a girlish yet refined atmosphere for every bridesmaid. If you follow a classic, traditional wedding, this will determine your wedding.

2. Teased Fishtail Updo

The teasing of the crown creates a wonderful volume.

: @maggiehancock

This hairstyle is about being chaotic,to be braided and voluminous. Consider it as two hairstyles on one - you have the fishtail braid that forms a hair band and wraps around your back, and you have the messy bun. Perfect if you have long hair so you can play around with the braid and the bun.

3. Romantic updo with flowers

Flowers are a must at a wedding.

: @ ulyana.aster

By adding flowers to the hair arisesa delicate and girly look and it can be part of your theme. Do not worry too much about how to put your hair back and look like the photo. As soon as you add your flowers, this is the focus.

4. braids to messy bun

Let the braids tell the story.

: @haar_by_zolotaya

This is a beautiful, romantic look in which the braids integrate into the messy buns. In this way you look guaranteed in the photos stunning.

5. Faux Mohawk Updo

Fool your eyes with this style.

: @kykhaar

Create a faux mohawk style that gives the illusion of shorter hair. It's fun, creative and eye-catching. This is perfect for a breast tube or a one-shoulder dress.

6. Chaotic, Boho Braided Updo

Is the wedding on the beach or outside? Choose this stunning updo.

: @instibraid

This is the ideal boho-inspired style. This rustic, chaotically woven style looks stunning. A lavish mess of braids and to complete the look, put in a hair accessory that hangs like a necklace.

7. Fishtail updo with a headband

Fishtails are always a winner.

: @ lalasupdos

Take a fishtail braid and combineUse a headband to highlight the hairstyle. This is a fabulous style and it is not the usual fishtail as it is sideways and not far away.

8. Side Bun Updo

Side sweep hairstyles are simple and elegant.

: @ clubedasnoivass

A side sweep bun is perfectfor bridesmaids. Adding a braid to your side roll adds femininity and glamor. The styles do not stop here, you can insert flowers according to your bouquet.

9. Just Messy & Teased Updo

This is a simple and messy style.

: @marinamcavoy

It looks graceful, even if it is onemessy, teased updo is. For us, this is a controlled, chaotic style that looks exquisite and chic. It has a vintage atmosphere, so it can complement your theme as well.

10. Braided updo

Less is more.

: @heidimariegarrett

This simple braided updo looks beautiful and refined.

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