Are you going home? Then you have to try our homecoming hairstyles. Your hair is an important part of your look as it looks glamorous and has to match your dress. The choice can be difficult as so many different hairstyles are available. We have done some of the work for you and found 21 beautiful and popular homecoming hairstyles that inspire you. We have something for everyone, from elegant curly hairstyles to pretty ponytails.

1. Elegant, braided bun

First, we have this elegant hairstyle with uslow bun and braid. The hair was swept back to a low knot with an extra side braid. This hairstyle is very pretty and neat, but has a loose braid and hair on the front. It is perfect for anyone who wants to be charming, but also a bit relaxed.

: @adnomoreira

2. Stylish twisted ponytail

Ponytails can be considered a casual stylebut you can create a super glamorous hairstyle with a ponytail. Here is a good example. The hair was styled into a low ponytail, but with additional twists. There are two turns above the ponytail and also around the top of the ponytail. It's a nice idea that is suitable for everyone.

: @adnomoreira

3. Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle

Next we have a beautiful halfHairstyle above. To create the look, the hair was styled halfway up and half down with a braid. The braid is loose and beautiful. A hairstyle like this is elegant and makes you look like a princess. You can even add accessories to the hair. Gems, pearls or flowers would be breathtaking.

: @efsanesaclar

4. Elegant updo for natural hair

Inspire the homecoming party with aStunning updo like this one! The hair was styled to a high bun shape with a stylish front bangs. This hairstyle is just beautiful and would suit everyone. Such an updo will bring out your jewelry and dress beautifully.

: @westafrican baby

5. Braided half updo with curls

With pigtails can be amazing hairstylescreate. Here is a stunning example. The hair was styled with a fishtail braid to a half-high and half-down. About halfway up the network is transformed into a Durchziehgeflecht. The rest of the hair is beautifully curled. This hairstyle looks straight out of a fairytale. It really is a nice idea for prom or homecoming.

: @samirasjewelry

6. Side ponytail with a fishtail braid

Our next idea is a pretty oneSide ponytail with a fishtail braid. We love this hairstyle because it is simple, elegant and gorgeous. Create with a fishtail braid as pictured or use a braid of your choice. You can also have the ponytail curly or straight. So choose what you like best.

: @adnomoreira

7. Chaotic, braided half updo

If you want to look stylish, but no toolike formal hair, this next idea is perfect. The hair was formed into loose beach curls with two pigtails that meet and merge into one. It has a boho feel, but it's glam enough for homecoming. You can use any mesh if you are recreating a look like this.

: @harlen_haar_melbourne

8. Voluminous romantic bread roll

Next we want to give you an elegant andshow romantic bun. The hair is subtly curled and loosely swept back to a low knot. There is also loose hair on the front. This is a stunning hairstyle that suits everyone. It is a simple but beautiful look that attracts your attention!

: @harlen_haar_melbourne

9. Boho, Half Updo Braid

If you like the boho hairstyles then this one isnext idea for you. The hair has been beautifully curled with a loose, chunky fishtail braid that creates a semi-up-semi-down-looking look. Although this also has a beachy appearance, it is formal and stylish. You can use any braid to restore the look.

: @ brigitte_fisher

10. Elegant ponytail with side braid

Our next idea is a pretty onePonytail. The ponytail has soft curls with hair twisted around the top. There is also a side braid and the hair also has volume above. This hairstyle looks a bit vintage, but has a modern look with the braid. It's a beautiful hairstyle, perfect for the homecoming.

: @luizpaulolimaoficial

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