Are you planning your wedding day? Are you looking for romantic long hair wedding hairstyles that you can be inspired by? First, we want to congratulate you when you get married. This is SUPER exciting! Second, you are right here. We found some pretty little beauties ...

1. Chaotic to the side hairstyle

Sometimes the simplest hairstyles are oftenthose who make the most impact, and this is definitely the case with this breathtaking chaotic sidecut. If you are looking for a relaxed, yet romantic and elegant way to wear your hair for your big day, then this is just the thing.

: @ hairandmakeupbysteph

Wear your hair when you are at yourWedding day hair aside, you can bring out all the beautiful features on the back of your dress. It also helps if you do not wear a veil. It is an old Irish tradition to wear flowers in the hair of the bride instead of a veil. As well as looking beautiful, it's a great way to cut costs and give the whole event a truly romantic feel.

2. Messy Braid + Baby's Breath Flower

Gypsophilia is the right name for baby'sBreath "- the beautiful white flower that you can see in this stunning wedding hair. They are indeed related to the carnation, and when used in your bridal hair or brides / bridesmaids they elegantly symbolize purity, eternal love, and innocence.

: @ ulyana.aster

A small flower on branches. They are perfect for wedding planning. They can also easily be incorporated into your romantic long hair wedding hairstyle.

3. Half Up, Half Down Style

If you are looking for something as beautiful as it is simpleLook for style (and that's very important!), This style is just right for you. You have the advantage of being able to bring out your beautiful long curls while at the same time having a complex and elegant hairstyle that provides the perfect backdrop for decorating flowers.

: @ pigtail studio

There are so many different ways, likeYou can adjust your hair, which serve as inspiration. You can imagine a French weave, an inverted French weave, lace braid, fishtail braid, indeed any braid you like. The possibilities are really endless.

4. Messy Bun Updo

The cutout of your dress is realimportant when choosing romantic wedding hairstyles for long hair. First, with your hair around the neckline, you may find it irritating you, and if you scratch it, you may leave red spots that are clearly visible in the photos.

: @ ulyana.aster

Second, what does it bring, a nice cutoutif you only cover it with your hair? The finer, more beautiful details of the dress are ignored, and you must remember that you have paid for these details. It makes perfect sense to want to flaunt her.

5. Simple half-up hairstyle

If you ask what you want, it is oftenBetter to visit your hairdresser with a bunch of photos than words like "buns", "romance", or "waves". The "waves" of a woman could be the "curly locks" of another woman, and the last thing you want is a misinterpretation.

: @natalieannehaar

By taking photos you can accuratelyDetermine which parts you love from different looks. In this way, you can both create a picture of your perfect hair for the wedding day. Communication is key in all relationships, and if you want to ask for your wishes on the biggest day of your life, clear communication is crucial. Sometimes it's worth returning to pictures!

6. Braided low bun

With a simple twist, rotation or rotation canYou completely change the look of your braid, as this beautiful, braided, low bun shows. The long hair is completely wrapped in this romantic look and swept beautifully from the face. In this way, you can easily maintain your make-up on the big day.

: @ ulyana.aster

There is nothing worse than your hairto whirl around everywhere. You will have a greasy face, or your make-up will rub against your hair, making it greasy instead. Not a good choice if you have wavy tendrils.

7. Messy Braid

When it comes to reserving your hair and talking to a stylist about what you want for your big day, you should do it on time.

: @ hairandmakeupbysteph

You should first plan a hair trial,with enough time to create two or three different hairstyles. From these you can choose your favorite. It is also helpful to take a few different pictures that also inspire wedding hair.

8. Simple plaited braids in half-up and half-down style

Braids are currently a big trend and there areso many ways to carry her. It makes perfect sense to consider them when looking at romantic long hair wedding hairstyles.

: @ ulyana.aster

These waterfall braids have just enough hairRipped back from the face Show off your beautiful make-up and every stunning accessory that will make you happy for the big day, and also put on floral hair ornaments and pieces. This is wedding multi tasking!

9. Boho style with fresh flowers

If you have a strapless or off-the-shoulder dress, do you need a hairstyle to bring it out, and what's better than that half, half down style?

: @ beyond the ponytail

It is a style that is a series ofvarious styles, including braids, curls, buns, chignons and others, in a chaotic boho style, as you can see here, shows the parts that you really want to show.

10. Messy Updo

With the help of some pens and handles can beParticularly easy to achieve romantic wedding hairstyles for long hair, especially such as this messy updo. Starting with a simple ponytail that combs back at the roots to get the volume you can see here, and pinning and twisting the hair before pinning often leads to a variety of results.

: @ lalasupdos

Mince the hair lightly so you can cover all the visible pins, and then add flowers or other head / hair pieces. Easy!

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