It's the wedding season and we know what that ismeans - weddings galore! There are so many things the bride needs to arrange and organize for her special day. One of those things will be the hair of the bridesmaids. Maybe she chooses the hairstyle for her bridesmaids or the bridesmaid for herself. Remember that the bride must first choose her hairstyle and then the hair of the bridesmaids should complement the hairstyle of the bride.

There are so many hairstyles for bridesmaids. First you have to decide if you want your hair up, down or half up and half down. Once you have decided this, you and the bride can begin to explore different hairstyles. After selecting some styles, you can take photos to show your hairdresser for your hair trial. We would recommend that you make a hair sample as this calms you and the bride for the big day.

We have 31 of the best hairstyles in halfselected above and half down, which you should consider. We can guarantee that one or more hairstyles below will definitely grab your attention. Have fun browsing through these styles!

1. Long, curly and messy half updo

Do you have long hair? This is the perfect hairstyle for long hair. It has curls, is trendy and looks great! Messy hair has been trendy for a few years and that's great news for bridesmaids. You do not have to worry too much that day because the messier the better! You can add a beautiful hair piece like the photo above.

: @ ulyana.aster

2. Curly, Fishtail Braid Half Updo

Fishtail braids exude elegance andSophistication. The hair waves for a wedding looks very romantic. The team curls with a fishtail and you can see on the picture that it looks fabulous. The fishtail is created with the hair-up section of the hair, which differs from the standard full-up fishtail braid.

: @ alliedo hair

3. Curly hair + waterfall braid

Waterfall braids have their own style. There is nothing better than a beautiful waterfall for a special occasion, especially for a wedding. Everyone will comment on how beautiful your hair looks.

: @ pigtail studio

4. Twists into a fishtail braid

Team twists and fishtail to thisCreate a girly hairstyle. Twists are so easy that anyone and everyone can do it. The fishtail is a bit harder, but once you've conquered it, it's easy! These twists and the fishtail mesh fit so well together.

: @haarbypris

5. Cute half updo for medium-length hair

If you do not have long hair and look for somethingLooking for something special, this may be the case for you. This sweet half-height hairstyle looks fantastic with the pearl effect clip. If you do not have naturally curly hair, lure the ends to increase the bounce.

: @ Miyuwada

6. Twisted half updo

As I mentioned earlier, twists are so easyto reach. They do not take the time to create a wonderful style. Mix a few spins to get that look. Who would not like that? Gather the first section and rotate it, then continue down until you have several rows of turns. We all know how stressful the wedding day is, but with this style you have more time to sip your champagne and focus on your make-up. You can then gently wave the ends to enhance the effect.

: @ alliedo hair

7. Soft curls + braids

Soft curls make for a romantic look. Soft and delicate curls are so girlish and feminine. This is the perfect style to complement a lace dress.

: @tatianebertolucci

8. Curls, Teased Crown & Braids

Higher crowns are a quick way to get startedTo gain volume. Make sure you tease the crown before starting to braid. This creates the volume and height you desire. Then you can curl your hair and combine the haircut to form the braid. Add a touch of hairspray to make sure it lasts all day.

: @christinagunnell

9. Easy Half Updo for shorter hair

This is perfect for shoulder-length hair. Not everyone has super long hair and if you're a bridesmaid with shoulder-length hair, make sure you choose a nice style like this one. It's easy and easy to do. You can either add a few waves to the hair down area or leave it undone.

: @instibraid

10. Elegant, half-high style

Many bridesmaids are looking for a simple,elegant style. This is ideal if you do not want braids. Although braid styles look pretty, there are other alternatives that look just as good. Look at this style. This elegant half updo looks noble and timeless.

: @braidtrends

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