Is it time to make a change? Are you looking for your latest hairstyle / cut / color, but are not sure which direction to go? What about these looks? Stunning looks with blue and purple hair that you know cause a stir for the right reasons. Before you think this looks too daring, take a look at how cleverly they have been incorporated into hair designs that you definitely want for yourself ... Katie Perry has done it, Demi Lovato too. Is it time for you to move to the blue and purple sides?

1. Dark Purple & Teal Hair

Katy Perry has a similar appearancedecidedly - dark and light shades of blue and purple together. It's certainly a daring look, but it looks great when it's braided or curled so all the highlights and lights shine through. If you want to play with color but do not have a good starting point, why not?

: @arcticfoxhaarcolor

2. Pastel blue & purple hair

This hair is breathtaking - very unicorn-like. This hair is actually very easy to create and if you play your cards properly, you could even achieve it without even trying. Hiding the lighter colors is easy. If you want to improve your color, you should add conditioner to the light shades that you used before diluting. Little tip - it makes them pasteliger and powdery!

: @spectraltones

3. Blue and Purple Bob

Her hair is made of protein. To make it as bold and radiant as you want, make sure your curls are filled with protein. There are many shampoos and conditioners with keratin as an ingredient. We strongly recommend that you start with it and wash and condition your hair for a few weeks before starting the whitening and staining procedures.

: @ donovanmills

4. Violet to dark blue ombre hair

While we are dealing with protein, there issome homemade hair masks that allow you to raise the protein in your curls. We can not say enough - you will not have the look you want if you do not take care of your hair before, during and after dyeing. Avocado, coconut oil, egg whites, mayonnaise and more have all been used successfully on the hair to increase protein and keratin.

: @bestofhaar

5. Blue and purple ombre on blond hair

Blond hair gives you the perfectStarting point to play around with every color. So why not play with an ombre of bright blue and purple? Do you see here? The good news with such hairstyles is that they can be tailored to suit you. If you do not want so much color, leave more blonde above and apply the blue and purple tone only at the hair tips. This ombre is stunning and we love it, but you can always add more or less.

: @off7thsalon

6. Light blue hair with purple roots

It's like the color of the most beautiful oceans and thatis probably why we love it. This sweet little appearance shows that you do not need long curls to present a nice selection of colors and shades. This contains turquoise blue tones with purple directly at the roots. If you're thinking about revitalizing your roots and getting the old blue out, this is definitely the way to go.

: @kelseylajohnson

7. Purple hair with blue highlights

Of course you can also drive the other way around. More purple / purple at the roots and just a hint of blue peered down. This purple mane has a strange, chunky blue sheen, and the twisted, loose waves make the various shades stand out.

: @ lo.rean

8. Blue & Purple Pixie style

And another classic little examplefor how you can make those blue and purple hairs even with super-short hair. This Pixie style is not only super charming, but also super easy to clean. Shorter hair is always easier to style and maintain. As you can see from this look, a few spiral curls up are all you need to improve your work. Of course, it gives you the perfect opportunity to show off these beautiful colors as well. What is not to love?

: @creativeedgebykristen

9. Blue and Purple Metallic Bob

There are ways you can do this easier,brighter styles for you without having to perform the entire brightening treatment before hand. A washed-out look often works on darker natural hair, and you can make your roots darker than the rest of your hair when you grow them out to give you a little more time before you bleach again. Who said that such colorful hair needs to be easy to care for?

: @thejesjewel

10. Gorgeous combination!

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If you are looking for gorgeous hairstyles like theseDeciding on colorful creations, your hair will be devastated, especially by the whitening treatments that you need to do before. If you already have damaged hair, the colors will not be as bright and beautiful as you can see here. They will look spotty and uneven. There are things you can do to make life easier, and the first of these things is to get the job done - have all the dead parts cut off from the hair tips. You can still choose something bold and blue / purple like this, but only for a shorter version of it. It will grow again soon, but it will not grow at all if you do not cut off the dead parts.

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