Long, healthy and well-groomed hair is oneReason to be proud of. In addition, there is a wonderful perspective for creation, imagination and inspiration, from which many stylish and innovative hairstyles can result. In a world where time really matters, fashionable women are constantly looking for methods that look good and are not time-consuming. In this regard, hairdressers have begun to create modern hairstyles and updos for long hair that are multifunctional and do not require too much time and effort.

Even cosmetics companies have to keep up with theReact changes that occur in a woman's life. Thanks to their efforts, there are now various products on the market that allow easy and quick hair care, as well as all sorts of electronics that help you to create a beautiful and stylish hairstyle in just 5 minutes.

Benefits for real long hair

Long hair is a real benefit if youtry different elegant or casual high gloss finishes as well as different types of pigtails and pastries. There are many hairstyles for long hair that you can try. Below are the most popular ideas.

When it comes to updos for long hairThere are many alternatives that are suitable for occasional and festive occasions. You do not need a special opportunity to wear an updo, especially if you opt for a casual updo. The basic options include braids, elegant ponytails, chignon rolls and graceful curls.

Updos - certain elements that apply today

Hairstyling method

If you want to avoid being your longHair deteriorates, you should focus on getting a certain style by using only professional methods. Long hair is difficult to style because of its length. Therefore, someone with experience should take care of this aspect. Even if you decide to make your own hair without seeking professional advice, try not to experiment too much. You should rather use methods that you know are efficient. Also, use high quality tools and products that will not adversely affect your long hair.

Duration of hairstyling

Unlike updos for short andmiddle hair, If you need too much time for styling, updates to long hair are more complicated and careful. The time required to style long hair is directly proportional to the hair length. So, if your hair is impressively long, it can take hours to become stylized for an event. For long-haired chicks, time and patience are essential.

Hair Styling Tools

In general, all updos forlong hair, as the weight of the hair definitely destabilizes the hairstyle over time, thereby leaving it less aesthetically pleasing. For a firm result, it is recommended to use high-quality hairpins, rubber bands, etc. In addition, the hairbrush used must be qualitative and made of a kind of metal that does not attack the hair.

1. Celebrity updo with bangs

2. Romantic curls in style

3. Half Updo, half loose curls

4. Low bun with white accessories

5. A braided low bun

6. Accessories for Updos is a must.

7. A bun in the form of a flower

8. Attention to details with a braided crown

9 Braided crown and many big curls

10. Tight and clean rolls

Updos for long hair should be handy. Long hair must be worn with great care, especially because it can cause an uncomfortable feeling if not properly styled. One very important element that will be taken into consideration this year is to make the hairstyles as practical as possible. It is ideal if the hair is tightly closed and there is a risk of rebel hair pulling out of the hair. Wearing a hairstyle with ease is very important.

11. Loose rotation and big curls

12. Bohemian lichen for sun kissed hair

13. Bohemian lichen with color

14. Curly hair, untidy knot p>

15. Messy bun and butterfly accessories

16. Twisting, braiding and curling

17. Angelina Jolie's updo

18. Messy bun and waterfall bells

19. Bubble rolls with twists

Fashionable updos for long hair

2019 marks the year in which hairdressers withlong, thick hair because it is so versatile that its imagination is the limit. If your hair is long, strong and thick, you can style it in extravagant shapes and styles. The most fashionable updates are those that stand out, but not in the bad way. Authenticity and sophistication are the keywords this year in terms of hair.

The outstanding hair bun - Hairstyles for long hair in which oneHair bunches are always referred to as chic and they can be used freely due to this year's trends. An excellent bun attached to the neck or on the head represents a bold hairstyle, with a lot of elegance and taste. In addition, such an updo is suitable for a variety of occasions, from a simple day's work to attending a wedding or a more stressful event. Although the bun is a classic hairstyle, you can highlight it by using hair ornaments and wearing it with the right posture.

Curly hair for updos - Some updos for long hair areto make it easier with curly hair. The curls can be loose, there is no need for kinky hair. A beautiful, wavy long hair can be used in many styles and is perfect for any occasion, even those days when you just want to feel feminine, stylish and refined. To lure long hair, the most recommended method is with warmth, as it is the only one that has passed the test of time.

Updates with a lot of volume - When it comes to hair volume, you caneasily obtained with long hair. This is because it can be teased. In order to achieve just the right amount of volume in your long hair, it is sufficient to comb it properly and to irritate the roots a bit. There is no need to exaggerate volume, as voluminous hair looks shorter than it actually is. Balance is the key.

Braiding Techniques for Updates - Every type of weaving technique is very popular nowadayspopular and trendy. The more complex a braiding style is, the more extravagant the updo becomes. Long hair is great for braiding as you or the stylist can weave it in different shapes, directions and sizes to increase versatility. Basically everyone can wear braided hair on any occasion. A must, braids can be used to create fabulous updates. However, it seems that thick braids are not everyone's favorite because of their weight.

Romantic updos for long hair - This type of updo is very easy tooGet hair outfit with hair properly. For example, if you style a semi-up and half-down style with a shiny tiara, you can look like a princess. You can replace the tiara with a flower crown or something else that you think will add originality, style and sophistication to your hairstyle. A romantic updo can be set up with bracelets, tiaras, stones, tulle or lace accessories, caps, scarves and more.

20. High-rolled bread roll with puff and free shaft ends

21. Messy low braided bun with volume

22. Side rolls with fringes

23. Low bun with fringes

24. Braided headband and low bun

25. Braided headband and messy low bun

26. A messy square roll

27. Romantic fringe framing the face

28. Low roll with puff and structure


29. Bohemian lichens descending in a low bun.

Wedding updos for long hair

Every hairstyle has to match the clothes you wearwear. In the case of a wedding, your hair should continue the story of your dress. Whether you are the bride or not, it does not really matter. You still want to look great for yourself and for others next. These updates can be decorated with flowers, gems, tiaras, etc. This is because they consist of braids, curls and buns. A customized updo can turn you into an elegant lady, a young romantic girl or, why not, femme fatale. If there is a theme for the wedding you want to attend, consider this when choosing a hairstyle.

30. Wavy hair with curly ponytail

31. Puff and fringes in a bun

32. Swollen bun with messy strands

33. Big braided hairstyle

34. Twisted headband and frizzy hair

35. One-sided braid and low ponytail

36. Volumized long hair arranged in a large knot

37. A tall hollow bun

38. A touch of femininity with accessories

39. Fishtail netting and Bohemian lichen in one

Prom updos for long hair

Promo has always been an important event in theLife of every teenager. It's a long moment, especially for girls who want to highlight their best features like they've never done before. To look perfect after a prom night will create a great memory and even attract the eyes of a love interest. Hair is just as important as clothes, shoes and makeup for the prom night. So choose a youthful look that's playful and why not, too sexy.

40. A bun of twisted hair

41. Head-down braid and high knot

42. A bun of pigtails </

43. Low rolls and loose threads

44 Three amazing updates for long hair

45. Nina Dobrev and a page Bun

46. ​​A bun for a bride

47. Flowers, braids and curls

48. Big braid rolled to a roll

49. A low roll with a smooth finish.

50. A pattern of braids

51. Braiding and twisting hair

52. Previously curled hair a bun

53. Highlighted low bun for redhead

54. Polished hive with volume

55. Flowery low bun with fringes

56. rolls with structured waves

57. Three braided headbands in a hairstyle

58. Huge roll with structured curls


59. Super high bun for a classic bride

Updos for long and curly hair

If your hair is curly or wavy, you shouldLook at it for a hairdresser with the same hair type as yours. He or she will be able to style it in incredible looking updos, but only if he or she knows how curly hair really behaves. The whole theory of the world will not really help a hairdresser understand how to treat curly hair. Therefore try to consider this advice as often as possible.

A well treated curly hair can do thatBasis of his spectacular hairstyles. An experienced hairdresser will put your curly hair into updos that look like works of art. One way to check that you are in good hands is to watch how much attention he or she puts on moistening your curly hair before styling it.

60. A simple knot on the back

61. Thick French braid on one side

62. Steps to Create a Messy Bun

63. High bun with a scarf accessory

64. Big bun of structured hair and curls

65. Large French braid with a bread roll

66. A simple, two-step updo

67. bun with frames with facial contour

68. A cute and curly updo

69. Blond French braid in a bun

70. A roll suitable for a wedding

71. Messy fringe for a not so straight finish

72. Very complex arrangement of the hair

73. Easy way to make a bun

74. A roll for a very special occasion

75. Hair with fringes turned into a bun

76. Two strands of hair that are in a knot

77. Turn, turn and turn some more.

78. A low roll with a smooth finish

79. Confused, twisted hair

80. Curls stow away from the face

81. A classic kind of bread roll

82. Glamor with a color change

83. Curls over curls in the back

84. Great French braid on one side

85. Nice and easy updos

86. High ponytail with curly hair

87. Straight finish bridal b un

88. Loose fringes and a braided headband

89. Red hair braided in style

90. A beautiful hair from different angles

91. A high bun

92. Loose lichens and long hair

93. Same hairstyle, different angles

94. A hairstyle for stylists.

95. Simple steps to get a nice hairstyle

96. Two braided layers in the back


97. Locks with a variety of colors

98. Braiding and spinning for great results

100. Big curls on one side

101. Turbulation of structured hair into a knot

102. Half-updo with an accent braid

103. Twisting and whirling for a romantic look

104. Flower accessories for bridal hair

105. Hair was tormented for more volume

106. Turn and plug with hairspray

107. An Updo asking for volume

108. Bridal hairstyle ready and set

109. Light, long hair on one side

110. Wrap the hairstyle for long hair.

111. No pony is required for this hairstyle

112. Cute and elegant hairstyle

113. Double braids caught in a bun

114. Simple half turn up

r esim_113

115. Floral attachment to a blonde bride

116. Updo with Mohawk braid </

117. Half a ponytail with curly hair

118. Perfect hair for a perfect day

119. Rubber bands are a must

120. An updo, which is possible with a hair band

121. A stunning combination of styles

122. Another updo with Mohawk is included

123. A real wedding updo with style

124. Low knot seen in detail

125. Twisted hair and shiny accessories

126. Pearls give elegance

127. Knotted Faux Mohawk updo

128. Pony and a high bun for the red carpet

129. Big braids on each side

130. Golden accessory for a golden day

131. French mesh turns into a roll

132. Detailed thin braids decorate a bun p>

133. A natural looking updo

134. Smooth, two-ply turn

135. Braid turns into a ponytail

136. Braids that go from one side to the other

137. Sophisticated look for sophisticated blondes

138. The simple but elegant twisting method

139. Angelina Jolie doing sports a roll

140. Two smaller rolls in the back

141. Buns consisting exclusively of pigtails

142. A roll and an undercut

143. Long strokes that complement a low bun

144. Lichen brought to another level

145. Detail and sustainability achieved with thin braids

146. The anterior lichen fades in a high knot.

147. Blond hair highlights pigtails better

148. Smooth head for a classic look

149. Flower accessory adds femininity and innocence

150. Huge bun made of incredibly long hair

151. A hidden knot in the back

152. The updo ends with two fishtails

153. Big fishtail and pony updo

154. Compare several styles before you decide.

It's time for decision-making

If you are looking for updates on long hair with oneIf you are thinking of a special occasion, you should already have an idea of ​​what you want. If not, the variety of hairstyles available seems a bit overwhelming.

Before you start, the hair situation tooRethink, try to choose the other elements that contribute to your overall outfit. If you wear simple clothes, you should dare to add a sparkling accessory to your hairstyle. Or why not, try them all out, without looking for an extra reason, by styling your long hair! If you can not go to a hairdresser, watch explanatory videos or leave a comment with your questions!

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