If you are wondering how celebrities and modelsAlthough they are always beautiful hair colors, even though they are not really those with whom they were born, it is time to discover the secrets of professional hair color. Low Illumination - Is an application that uses dark color on pieces of hair cut with a fine tooth comb and folded in foil. Lowlights are especially good for hair that has been marked with blond too often. Adding a dark blonde, light brown, or even dark brown sheen can really revive worn highlights. Sometimes it is done under silver hair to enhance the beauty of silver-gray hair.

Pastel colors look bleached or lightHair very girlish and enormous. They have a lasting effect and are very popular with celebrities. This style will continue to be in vogue with a variety of pinks, silvers, violets, blues, grays, sands, minks or smokes. The color can be experimented with different hair lengths and can be single, combined, striped or dripped. Brown skin to get an impression of exoticism, choose mahogany shades, dark brown, burgundy, and plum. You can also use a black blue color for the Skin Look Cleaner. Silver or gold color gives your face more style (with short hair).

To give your image a glamorous appeal, you can choose from a wide and versatile range of colors and their combinations.

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