Do not wait until New Year's Evenew ego or a new company. Summer is coming and the change of seasons is the perfect time to change your look. As I said, change is as good as a holiday, and a new hairstyle is the best way to mix things together, even if you can not afford to add a few stamps to your passport. We often neglect our locks when it comes to self-care. Aside from the weird hair mask or fringe trimming, many of us are responsible for throwing our (usually unwashed) hair into a top knot as we drink our morning coffee and guide our inner self.


  • 1 Short hairstyles for women
    • 1.1 Short wavy bob
    • 1.2 Short blunt cut
    • 1.3 Low bun for short hair
    • 1.4 Short and straight
    • 1.5 Pixie Short Haircut / li>
    • 1.6 Short turns
    • 1.7 Short hair with bangs
    • 1.8 Short hairstyles for thin hair
    • 1.9 Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair
    • 1.10 Short hairstyle for curly hair
  • 2 middle hairstyles for women
    • 2.1 s midsection ponytail
    • 2.2 Professional Midlength Styles
    • 2.3 Praise with a knot for medium hair
    • 2.4 Asymmetric flap for medium hair
    • 2.5 Low side panel for medium hair
    • 2.6 Medium hairstyles for faces in diamond form
    • 2.7 Medium hairstyles for older women
    • 2.8 Vintage Curls for Medium Hair
    • 2.9
  • 3 long hairstyles for women
    • 3.1 French braids for long hair
    • 3.2 Updo for long hair
    • 3.3 Long hair halfway down
    • 3.4 Straight long hair
    • 3.5 Senegalese phrases for long hair
    • 3.6 Waterfall braids for long hair
    • 3.7 box braids for long hair
    • 3.8 Undercut for long hair
    • 3.9 Fishtail braids for long hair
    • 3.10 Reverse Bob for long hair

Short hairstyles for women

Short wavy bob

The Bob is one of the most importantHairstyle trends of late. It's the perfect combination of edgy yet handsome look with just the right masculinity to be trendy. If you're tired of the classic bob, try this wavy style. Bobs and waves are a match in the hair-heaven. Seriously, nothing says cool girl-chic like a Tousel who has just been rolled out of bed. However, if you're still looking for new things, try rocking that dull, cut front edge. It is edgy and unique, without being out there. And did we mention that it is also a super flattering style?

Short dull cut

If you suffer from thin hair, you knowhow difficult it is to want a cute Pixie cut and make the salon look like a Draco Malfoy with baby hair. Well, these dreaded days are over. A blunt cut is ideal for thin-haired women who still want to rock a shorter style. Dull cuts are not only a great way to accentuate your face and accentuate your facial features, they are also generally flattering and very trendy. If you have not noticed, the masculine trend is on the rise, and a short-haired, dull cut is the perfect way to dive your head into male mania. If you want to keep a femme element, add some waves to your hair or rock a pair of extravagant earrings or a feminine, flowing dress.

Low bun for short hair

Even with the smartest cut there is alwaysa few more days where you can not resist the messy bun. It's the bad boy of hairstyles, we know we should not do it, but his fascination is just too strong. With short hair you may have difficulty reaching the messy high bun. If so, choose the low option. This may not be what you thought, but a messy bun gets the same simple styling level as a high bun, while your locks look thicker. Simply grasp your hair in the neck and twist it into a knot like on a head. If you have a pony, let it fall freely over your face or pull a few strands around your face and behind your ears to create a soft, elegant style.


Short and straight

Who says you need long locks toto rock the iconic Rachel Green look? Short, straight hair with a middle part is one of the greats. And there is nowhere to go. Mix the classic '90s style with a blunt bob and a platinum blonde. This cut is conspicuous, flattering and just screams attitude. With a deep purple or red lipstick or a heavy eye make-up, you can channel your inner punk rock princess.

Pixie short haircut

For women with thick hair it can be verybe difficult to sell. If it goes wrong, it is very wrong (we all had these awkward, haircutting hairs). The key to nailing short styles with thick hair are layers and texture. Avoid blunt cuts as this gives your hair more volume. Instead, take a layered, textured pixie cut. The layers take some weight off your lush curls, so they can sit and flow easily.

Short turns

A few sexy spins are a great onePossibility to fill your short-cut hairstyle with life. Not only is this a unique look, it also protects your locks. The twists do not require additional styling and will repair your hair from damage from heat, color disturbance and just the general wear and tear of life.

Short hair with bangs

Bangs are back and short hair stays here. Why do not you combine two of the biggest hair trends of recent years? The ponies are simple and easy to style and require very little maintenance apart from occasional trimming. Short-haired bangs are particularly effective as facial frames, drawing attention to your facial features. This may also decrease if you find that your short hair makes you look a bit full on the face. From side to side, chopped to dull, curtain or sweep, the pony has endless styling options.

Short styles for thin hair

From Bobs to Faux-Hawks, Pixie-cuts,Undercuts, asymmetrical styles and everything in between have been developed shortcuts for thin hair. That's when they're styled, of course. An abbreviation is one of the best ways to not only create the illusion of thickness, but also that your hair thickens naturally. Regular cut and less styling will make your hair healthier. Therefore, it will grow and condense much faster over time.

Short hairstyle for thick hair

If you are blessed with naturally thick hair,You may be hesitant to participate in the trend for short hair. Short styles, however, look like magic in a fat mane. The preparation of the chop can also be a great way to relieve your locks for the summer months something. Women with thick hair can rock from short pixie cuts to bob, with choppy layers, front fridges or side pony. The key to short, thick hair is the texture. So add some layers to keep your hair bright and beautiful.

Short hairstyle for curly hair

When you find that your long curls are youweigh, then do not do it. Not only a short hairstyle makes your curls more manageable, but also this flirty hairstyle is perfect for the summer. The styling options for short curly hair are very versatile.

Medium hairstyles for women


Midsection Ponytail 90s

With this slender pony in the middle part you canto put the celebrity hairstyle in the limelight This style is perfect for mid-hair babes. This is because the easiest way to pull back middle hair is to put it in a ponytail better than heavy, long hair. Pull your hair into a pony in the middle of the back of your head and do not forget to leave two thick strands on the front. Rock it with a few quirky shades or get your shine and get yourself a make-up from the 90s of the 90s.

Professional mid-length styles

Your hair says a lot about you and yoursProfessionalism. Super-long hair is typically shared by young girls and hippies, while short hair can give a rebellious or older look. If you want to play it safe in the professional field, it is best to keep a mid-length style.

Praise with a knot for medium hair

The top node and the node aremade for each other. The haircut is the biggest in the hair, since Princess Diana's pageboy cut, and the topknot is the only style that can match this cool girl's cut. So it only makes sense that the two are mated in a holey hair marriage. Adding a top knot also increases volume if your hair is missing from the body department.

Asymmetric praise for middle hair

If you are after a sharp cut, thoughnot wanting to miss out, could be an asymmetrical lump in your lane. This a-line style is particularly flattering and not as sharp as other asymmetrical styles. That is, it is easier to grow out and can also be worn in a pony if you regret hair. However, we do not believe that you have to worry about this extremely cool and trendy style.

Low side panel for medium hair

A deep side part is a great onePossibility to give the classic praise a trendy, new attitude. The praise itself is still a hit style, but you can update your look by simply styling your hair in a deep side piece and painting one side over it. This sleek and refined style is perfect for casual days as well as formal outings.

Medium Hairstyles for Diamond Shape Faces

The adaptation of your hairstyle to your face shapeis extremely important if you want to look your best. If you have a diamond-shaped face, you may want to choose a mid-length style with a few choppy layers. This style compensates for the sharpness of your cheekbones and looks softer overall.

Medium hairstyles for older women

A medium hairstyle is great forMiddle-aged women who feel too mature for too long hair, but too short for too short. Add a few coats to your shoulder-length curls to help your hair retain its natural bounce. But do not go too choppy, but choose smooth layers that fit seamlessly into your hair.

Vintage curls for medium hair

Long hair has a reputation for being sexy, but notthe sex appeal of medium-long curls. Marilyn Monroe proved that with her curly, medium curls. Shape your curls with a thick curling iron and keep the stands flat while wrapping them around the curler. Brush your hair to create voluminous waves and style to the side.

Praise for middle hair

We can not forget the legendary praise. The praise has become increasingly popular because of its relaxed and uncomplicated way. It requires almost no styling, but offers endless styling options. It is trendy, yet timeless, mature and yet youthful and can still easily be withdrawn for lazy days.

Long hairstyles for women

French braids for long hair

Get your long curls with onebeautiful pair of French braids from the face. This wild look certainly has its moment in the sun. So why not take advantage of a style that looks fancy and gets things done? Rock your braids from the gym to the club, to the shops and even to sleep. The French braid is versatile, stylish and simple once you master it.

Updo for long hair

Do not be afraid because of the long,flowing mane before updates. An up-style is worth the extra time and effort. Adjust your hair with hot rollers so that the curls are tight, pull them back and put them back at will. From low-rolled buns to rolled-up models, you can have the prom hairstyle of your dreams, no matter how long your curls are.

Long hair halfway up and down

If an updo is not really yoursMood, you can always rock a half downwards style. The top knot or half roll is the obvious choice for many reasons. One is that it looks cute and secondly, it's a simple style for long-haired babes. This style can be worn elegantly or casually and is also a great way to create an extra day between washes.

Straight long hair

Sometimes you have to keep it simple, and there areNothing nicer than even straight locks. To achieve this divine appearance, you should first use a hair mask to tame split ends or flies. Dry your hair thoroughly and in sections with a flat brush. Smooth your locks in sections and comb through them at the same time. Run a small amount of anti-frizz through your middle lengths and ends and use a little hairspray to create a light sheen.

Senegalese twists for long hair

Senegalese phrases are a great optionif you are looking for a protective style that is still fun for the summer. These rope-like twistings combine well with long extensions for a trendy and chic look.

Waterfall braids for long hair

Waterfall braids are not just one of themost impressive styles for long hair, but also one of the simplest. This feminine look is perfect for pretty clips and headwear for spring or summer weddings. It is also a deceitful way to style your hair when you are between the washes.

Box braids for long hair

Braids and long hair are the perfect pair. They keep your long strands of your face, protect them from heat and protect against styling and look chic. However, if you are tired of the usual French or Dutch braids, you can choose a box braid instead.

Undercut for long hair

An undercut is a great wayTo improve your look without losing too much length. You can undercut your hair on the back or sides, but we recommend one side. This badass yet feminine look shows hair shaved on one side and the remaining length thrown in the opposite direction.

Fishtail braids for long hair

Another update to a standard braid,the fishtail, is stunning and surprisingly easy. First, separate your hair into two straight sections. Take a small piece that is about half an inch wide and pull it to the inside of the opposite section. Repeat this process on the other side and continue to complete your fishtail braid.

Inverted Bob for long hair

Just because you have long locks does not meanthat you have to miss the fun of the inverted Bob. This is a super sexy style that works just as well on short hair as on long hair. The short part at the back of the head provides more volume and natural movement, while the long front area offers more styling possibilities.

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