They are looking for a new hairstyle but can notfind that you like? Maybe you want to spice up your black hair, but do not know how? Then we are here to help you with your hair problems! We found 21 of the best black hair ideas with blond highlights. Blonde is a beautiful color and fits wonderfully with black hair. You will find all blondes, from warm tones to icy tones. There is something for everyone and there are also some cool cuts. You can not decide which hairstyle to try next.

1. Black hair with golden blondes highlights

First, we have this beautiful blackHair idea with warm golden blondes. This blonde was added approximately in the middle, creating a balanced balayage look. You can choose this stylish highlighting method or try out highlights that get to the root. This is a wonderful idea and the hair can be as pictured or smoothly styled. Both will look fantastic.

: @ the_blondologist

2. Stylish and subtle blonde

If you want a more subtle look,You can try something like this. The hair is darkest at the root and gradually gets a little lighter until most of the tips are blond. It's a stylish way to spice up your hair, easy to wear and low maintenance. If you do not like the blonde, she can easily outgrow her.

: @andyjamespaints

3. Sunkissed black hair

Black hair sometimes feels a little bit toodark on. If you feel that you and your hair need a lift, you can try a sunken look like this. The hair is black at the root color and is gradually highlighted with brown and blond tones. The multi-tones make for a nice, strandige and sunny hairstyle.

: @ mane.therapy

4. Black praise with blond highlights

Are you looking for a complete hair makeover? Then you have to check this idea! Here we have a nice long bob with highlights of the subtle blonde. The shadow of the used blonde is very toned and light. This is great if you do not want the blonde to be too light. If you prefer the stronger blondes, they look good too.

: @ konstantinos_haar

5. Black roots and cool blonde

Do you want your look for the winter seasonTo update? Then try a cool blonde hairstyle like this! The blonde used here is very light and icy. It's perfect for the colder seasons or if you want a trendy look the rest of the year. Re-create this style or try less blond with highlights from root to tip.

: @samanthahaarstylist

6. Black to blond Balayage hair

Next we have a beautiful oneBalayage mixture. The root color is black and turns gradually into a light brown and then into a soft and light blonde. This color change is beautiful and a stylish way to give your black hair blonde. Such a color idea is best for long hair.

: @haarbybrii __

7. Black and blond beach hair

Do you love the beach hairstyles? Then this is for you! Here we have black wavy hair with additional warm blond highlights. It's a stylish hair idea that will make you look sun-soaked and beach-ready all year round. Try long waves like this or shorter hair that would look good too.

: @haarbykellichristine

8. Ashy Blonde Long Bob

Our next idea is this beautifulash blonde appearance. The hair is mostly blonde, but has black roots and a subtle blend. You can emulate this bright and bright look or try to use less blonde for the highlights. However, this is a beautiful, blond shade, and a similar one suits everyone.

: @rochellegoldenhaarstylist

9. Glamorous, black hair with blond strands

Maybe you want strands of hair to your hairbut you do not want to cover most of your beautiful black hair. If that sounds like you, then check out this idea. The hair is mostly black to the middle, then it turns brown and then blond. This is a stunning idea and the styling is also glamorous. Hair like this is perfect for someone who wants to have a fresh, stylish and new look.

: @aaashleee

10. Black, brown and blond hair

Next, we have a beautiful,highlighted appearance. It is a medium sized black style with bright blond reflections. You can see how much the blonde has raised her hair. This is a chic and easy to wear idea that suits everyone. It also fits every hair length.

: @malloryje

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