The Balayage style is a hairstyle that many considerloved and loved for its simple, versatile and low-maintenance style. It facilitates the growth of color and gives your hair a break when it is frayed by over-treatment, styling and dyeing.

Known for a beautiful, natural finish tooWhen you get it right The trendy blond-looking Balayage looks you'll see straightaway are classic examples of how simple, sleek and sleek the look can be. If you're thinking about trying this, you should read this ... and watch the trendy, blonde-looking Balayage looks we found!

1. Dark roots + bright ends

If you fancy blond hair, but have funnot really interested in maintenance, blonde balayage looks just right for you. Why? Because regrowth is easy and maintenance is low. We can not express enough how easy this look is to wear. With the darker color on the top you can let your roots grow a little longer than usual and extend the time between sessions with your brilliant but very expensive hair stylist. (We love them for their magic on our hair, but we wish they were cheaper!)

: @a_kool

2. Soft blonde balayage

If you are normally a platinum blonde,Try to swap things by choosing more neutral sounds and using toner to degrease the look. Blonde Balayage looks are subtle and discreet. That's why people love the style so much. We love the way this look blends our favorite colors of light and ash blonde in a simple, elegant mix.

: @haarbytashalouisec

3rd Subscription

The decision for an ashblond insteadan ice-cold is an easy transition if you're not familiar with blond hair yet. You'll only find out if blondes are more fun when you actually become one. However, you must choose the right shade to avoid being too fluffy blond. They were meant to target soft and natural rather than bold and cheesy, and even the most daring blonds were blended properly.

: @jandrewserna

4. Blonde Balayage highlights for brunette

Blondes and Browns match very well,especially if they merge cleverly in this balayage style. Adding blonde highlights to brown hair (or brown highlights to blond hair) adds a new dimension to the look that can actually make your hair look thicker!


5. Blonde Balayage praise

There are countless ways you can do thisStyling can look up or down, and only switching from a straight finish to a curly one will produce the greatest effect. In fact, curls are the best way to wear a balayage style, as they allow the blending of tones and shades and bring out every aspect of your new color application. Here's another great tip for you: If you're trying to create one of those blonde Balayage looks for yourself at home, and you find your mix is ​​not that good, well-placed and spaced-apart curls can cover a multitude of sins !

: @prettylittleombre

6. Natural looking blonde balayage

These waves are perfect for days on which youto feel completely uninspired when waking up. You can easily achieve these loose curls with the help of your hair straighteners by pulling them out while pulling the heat down to gently shape them. You can add as many or as few curls as you like. As we have recently discovered, you do not have to do this in layers. Just reach for the ends and twirl - it's really that easy.

: @guy_tang

7. Honey Blonde Balayage for brunette

If you have thin or fine hair, that canAdd layers at the ends, regardless of length, instantly add more depth, making it look like your hair is thicker than it is. We love the way the layers have been enriched with the various shades of brown and ashblondones to create a subtle, natural finish that can easily be worn straight or curly / wavy.

: @off7thsalon

8. Blonde Balayage highlights with low maintenance

If you love your balayage hair, but forIf you wish something more glamorous in the evening or in the night, nothing is better than these beautiful, elegant waves. These are perfectly achieved with the help of a few heated rollers. If the hair loosens during the evening, there are loose waves that you can not even wear in the morning after the night before.

: @ haarbyliz __

9. Blonde Balayage highlights for dark brown hair

When you first get blond and stillIf you do not find out that it's a pretty easy-care color, then trendy blonde balayage looks like this are just right. You would never know if this darker shade above is a natural brown root that shines through or is cleverly colored in this way. That's the best thing about it - it does not matter if you stay a few weeks longer before returning to your barbershop.

: @juliethehaarartist

10. Sun Kissed Highlights

You can add anyone by adding layersBring out the area of ​​your new application of paint. If you have such beautiful shades as the blondes shown here, why not bring them to bear? ? The aim of the game is for the blonde shadow to hit the places the sun would naturally hit. Think sun-kissed and you have about the right idea. Wipe these layers off with your hair straighteners (or even a clever hair dryer) for a quick and easy look that's right for any occasion.

: @madeliniestew

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